The customer support department is the backbone of businesses. Customers are biased and would settle for a product that gets along responsive customer support, any day. When it comes to the ISP customer service department, they have to deal with the issues that are technical and not from their end at all. When the internet is sluggish, it could be any reason from placement of your modem, long due hardware or software update that you are overlooking, broken or rusty wires as they are underground, and you name it. For that, you need proper IT support from Raleigh.

Mediacom customer service is one of the most responsive and helpful. There is a reason we find comfort in customer support regardless of which industry. Even when they cannot help us resolve the issue instantly, they put in the effort and genuinely help as human beings first then representatives of a certain company. 

Let’s dig what are the phrases and words that as a customer service representative you should NOT use and change them with something that goes beyond the job description and make customer feel heard and relieved. Here are some prompts – you can modify them and take a hint from them: 

1. “I do not have an idea, but let me figure it out”

Telling the customer that you are unaware of the situation is not the best response. It shows that you do not want to answer their query and want them to ask something else. Yes, you can adopt this attitude if you do not want to put any effort into solving the issues of your customers. However, it will leave a negative impact of your customer support on your customers. If your customer support has a valuable reputation, you have to show eagerness and try to come up with solutions to their problems. You have to make sure that your customer barely has to put in the effort to solve the problem. 

2. “The service you requested will be available after 30 minutes.”

For customer support, it is not possible to answer all the queries of your customers. Saying a “No” directly to your customer is not the best approach. You have to reassure them that you understand the problem, and the solution to their problem will be available after a few minutes or hours (depending on the nature of the issue). Thus, it is your job to make sure you treat the customer(s) with kindness. After all, they are the ones who make any business successful. Bad customer support leads to fewer sales and a bad retention rate. 

3. I apologize for the issues you faced because of us.

If your customers complain about the issues they face with your services, you have to accept it, fix it, if you can. If you cannot fix it, acknowledge, make them feel heard. Don’t over-promise. This attitude is indeed hard to implement, but it is the only option if you want to retain a long-term customer relationship. Imagine if your customer has to complete an urgent task and your internet service suddenly slows or runs out of order. In such a situation, you have to apologize to your annoyed client and tolerate everything he has to say. Let them take out their anger or they will take it out to another customer or online and make it a campaign. Loss of business in the long term. On the other hand, if there is no fault from your side, saying sorry in such situations could also bring positive outcomes for you. So say sorry and try to find the solution. 

4. Thanks for calling us, have a good day. 

Treat your customers as if they are your friends. Whenever a customer calls you, try to take them to a comfort zone where they feel comfortable to talk and share the network issues. If you don’t know how to treat your customers politely, you will not learn how to build and maintain long-term relations with them. Some customers will not react to your poor conversations. Some will ignore, or some will switch the ISP. Thus, everything starts with your polite communication skills. Being nice takes businesses a long way.