t’s not easy to run a successful restaurant. Around 60% of new restaurants fail within the first year of operation, due to competition, costs, and failure to understand the industry.

This means business owners are entering a tough market, but it also means it can be hard for diners to find a good restaurant. How can they know which new bistros, cafes, or bars are worth their money and likely to stick around for years to come?

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It helps to know a few things about successful restaurants. To find out more, here are some of the top qualities of good restaurants that both restaurateurs and diners can appreciate.

Amazing Food

It’s no surprise that high-quality food is the number one priority of successful restaurants! Diners go out to eat to enjoy amazing cuisine. Without good food, a new restaurant isn’t going to get noticed.

No matter what type of cuisine you sell, do the best you can. This means hiring talented chefs, using only the freshest, tastiest ingredients, and ensuring your plating always looks good.

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If you put an effort into offering only the best meals, desserts, and drinks, customers will notice. And, they will want to come back again and again.

Make it easy for your customers to understand your food by designing clear, easy to read menus that accurately describe each dish. And don’t make the font too small—diners hate when menus are hard to read!

Fantastic Customer Service

As a restaurant owner or a customer, customer service is an important consideration. When you walk into a new restaurant, you want to be welcomed and treated with care and friendliness by the host, wait staff, and bartenders.

Good customer service also means that if the restaurant has a problem with your table or order, they’re willing to fix it for you and apologize. Mistakes happen, but they don’t need to ruin your dining experience.

Generally, if employees and wait staff are treated well by the restaurant owner and they enjoy their jobs, this will result in better customer service.

Many restaurants also offer loyalty programs, giving a free menu item or a discount to customers after a certain number of visits. However, due to pandemic and strict implementation of skeletal staffing, many restaurants continued their services through online delivery to continue the service with the customers. Thanks to innovation and delivery software for restaurants, this is a great way to encourage guests to support the restaurant.

A Great Ambiance

When choosing a restaurant, you want it to be somewhere with a great atmosphere. Just the right mood lighting, interesting decor and style, and comfortable tables and chairs that you and your friends can relax in all evening.

The ambiance is such an important part of designing a restaurant. It needs to match the vibe and style the restaurant owner is going for.

Good Location

They say in real estate that location is everything, but the same is true for restaurants. No one is likely to go out of their way to drive to an inconvenient restaurant, so it should be somewhere central, easy to access, and with parking nearby.

This is particularly true for restaurants in tourist towns or resort areas. They need to be centrally located and near other main attractions, like these Buckingham restaurants.

High Standards of Hygiene

Another important quality of a good restaurant is food hygiene and cleanliness. Any food preparation area needs to legally meet certain safety and cleanliness requirements, ensuring food is stored, cooked, and prepared in a safe way.

Otherwise, guests are at risk of consuming food that could make them sick—a restaurant’s worst nightmare.

To avoid this, all staff, especially the chefs, should appreciate the importance of food safety and should make it a priority while they’re working. This includes things like frequent hand washing, cooking meat to high temperatures, and keeping the prep spaces clean and sanitized.

Reasonable Pricing

A restaurant doesn’t need to be cheap, but it does need to offer reasonable pricing. For example, if the restaurant is offering fine dining French cuisine, you’d expect to pay a premium.

But, for that, the restaurant should offer impeccable service, beautifully-cooked food, and experienced waitstaff.

If diners feel that a restaurant doesn’t offer good value for money, customers are likely to go elsewhere.

On the flip side, if prices seem way too low, customers might worry that the food quality isn’t very good or that the restaurant is cutting corners somewhere.

Unique Selling Point

In the business world, companies (including restaurants) need to have something special. What makes this restaurant unique and better than the others in the area?

This is what’s known as a unique selling point. Restaurants that do well have something unique about them that customers love, whether it’s funny bartenders, an unusual menu item, or funky decor.

If a restaurant isn’t different or memorable, why would diners want to come back when they could go somewhere else instead?

Ready to Visit a Good Restaurant for Dinner Tonight?

If all of this restaurant talk has left you craving a sirloin steak, a beautiful bowl of pasta, or some Mexican enchiladas, it might be time to find a good restaurant in your neighborhood!

To get started, it never hurts to ask friends or colleagues where they like to go out for dinner. Or, reading online reviews can always help.

One more tip—if a local restaurant always has a line out the door on Friday and Saturday nights, there’s a good chance that they’re doing something right!

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