Women’s day is a great occasion to cherish the women in our lives, and every year, email marketers come with something amazing on this day. Designing professional email templates for women’s day requires you to focus on how your brand supports and celebrates women. Even if your brand isn’t directly related to women, it would be a sweet gesture to mail a simple gratitude message. To help my fellow marketers, I have curated seven best Women’s day email examples that you can get inspired from in 2022. So let’s begin:

#1 Specialized Bicycle Components

Specialized Bicycle Components is a bicycle and related product brand based in the United States that designs and manufactures bicycles, components, and cycling apparel for riders and cycling enthusiasts. 

Glance at the below email from SBC. Their primary goal is to increase recognition and relevance for their brand, as well as non-endemic user acquisition. They begin with a heartfelt International Women’s Day email greeting. They then inform the readers about their sponsorship and market their product along the same lines. Also, they are wooing their prospects to buy their goods by mentioning renowned people who utilize them. You can also see how they used the hue theme in the professional email template- a rare but beautiful combination.

#2 Moment

Moment began on Kickstarter in 2013, making phone cameras better, and today, they do much more. Moment has sent out a simple yet powerful Women’s Day email to honor the spirit of females. They have expressed their mission and praised the women who have contributed to the brand’s success. The freebie is what makes it more appealing.

The email’s sole purpose is to honor women and inspire them to do more good, making it especially appropriate for Women’s Day. They even introduced a section where inspiring women’s experiences may be shared, and those ladies will be featured on their Instagram stories, thereby creating an opportunity to market their brand:

#3 Jarbo

Jarbo is a lifestyle brand with a European design language. This email from them is a basic yet elegant and effective communication piece for Women’s Day. The email begins with a headline wishing subscribers a happy International Women’s Day and continues with a meaningful message that speaks directly to each reader’s heart. Simple, yet powerful. These types of email campaigns always create an impression on the recipients’ minds.

#4 Electros

Electros used a simple graphic email to draw subscribers’ attention to their Women’s Day event. The email contains information about the deal and is succinct and to the point. That’s it. It successfully conveys the message without the use of extended paragraphs or cluttered email styles. 

Also, the email adheres to all email design best practices, such as preheader text, an unsubscribe option, and social media links. They also have included a “View in Browser” link to ensure that the email is visible to all subscribers, regardless of which email software they use.

#5 Endource

Endource.com monitors the most popular fashion publications, websites, and blogs to bring you the most up-to-date list of the hottest trends and most sought-after brands. 

In this email, Endource chose to offer its audience inspirational resources all about women. 

The email is organized into four pieces:

  1. I’m following – a female artist who inspires me, 
  2. I’m interested in – events and conferences that encourage women, 
  3. I’m reading – a life-changing book about female strength, and 
  4. I’m wish-listing – a fashion item from which the earnings will be donated to a non-profit women’s charity.

It’s a lovely yet unconventional way of honoring and encouraging other ladies.

#6 Happy Donuts

The Happy Donuts email for International Women’s Day gets right to the point. In the first few lines of their email, they have made everything apparent. Happy Donuts wants every woman to enjoy their sweetness. They’ve also included their catalog and emphasized their primary USPs. 

Every area has its own CTA, allowing the user to choose the one that most interests them. Visuals are the icing on the cake, elevating the email experience to new heights. This Happy Donuts email has a feminine feel thanks to the pastel color palette and graphic donuts, but the powerful typography stops the whole design from being too cloying.

#7 Pet Shop

This Pet Shop email is a great example of participating even if your product isn’t related to the occasion. They sent this beautiful email congratulating their women subscribers and added a simple discount offer. 

That’s it. The design looks decluttered to a great extent despite many elements, and the message comes out pretty decently. There’s no pushy, sales-heavy language making the email appear cheerful while bringing in revenue:

Summing Up

These email examples hail from different industries and are meant to give something for everyone to get inspired. You can, of course, mix and match the details to create your amazing professional email templates to make this Women’s day memorable for all your subscribers.

Author: Kevin George is the head of marketing at Email Uplers, that specializes in crafting Professional Email Templates, PSD to Email conversion, and Mailchimp Templates. Kevin loves gadgets, bikes & jazz, and he breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on email marketing blog.