Being able to enjoy the raja Ampat sunset is a valuable experience that really must be captured. Yes, Raja Ampat has become one of Indonesia’s proud tourist destinations, which many foreign tourists have visited.

However, you can also enjoy beautiful scenery like Raja Ampat in Bali. Because there is a miniature of Raja Ampat on this Island of the Gods, its name is Raja Lima in Nusa Penida. Of course, this can be an option that is worth visiting during the upcoming holidays.

Informations About Raja Lima

  1. Location of Raja Lima

Raja Lima is also known as Thousands Islands Viewpoint by foreign tourists. This tourist destination is in Pejukutan, Nusa Penida Bali. This location makes Raja Lima in the same area as Atuh Beach.

However, to reach Raja Lima, you still have to trek along the cliff, about 1 km away. Access to get there is quite intense, up and down the road. So, your body must be in prime condition when visiting there.

  1. The Attraction of the Raja Lima

What’s exciting about Raja Lima is the beauty of the natural scenery served. This tourist spot is undoubtedly very instagrammable, and this place is also the right point to watch the sunrise.

The view of the sunrise can be seen through the Molentang house or tree house. Here, visitors can even watch the sunrise accompanied by a cup of warm coffee.

The main sight in this tourist attraction is the rock. The rock is quite large, towering and overgrown with trees. The stone is shaped like small islands, which, when viewed from a height, will be very beautiful.

Raja Lima is in the same area as Pulau Seribu (Thousand Island) as well. It’s just that in Raja Lima, there is a statue, while in the Thousand Island, there is none. Of course, taking stunning pictures in Parangempu Bay and Titibahu Bay Nusa Penida in Raja Lima is a must.

  1. Facilities at Raja Lima

As previously mentioned, watching the sunrise in Raja Lima can be done through Molenteng’s house. You can rent it to spend a lovely night. You must book it in advance if you are interested in renting this tree house. Unfortunately, in this area, visitors will not find any cafes. However, simple stalls already serve fried rice, fried noodles, and several other dishes. 

With its beauty, it is only natural that the Raja Lima makes many people chuckle in awe. Of course, this tourist destination can be an option to spend your valuable vacation time. Don’t forget to also stop by another destination later, for example Klingking Beach.