Texas A&M University student David Green died unexpectedly in New Orleans recently and this tragic event, while communities mourn and try to understand his circumstances, has raised many questions as regards causes and details surrounding his demise.

What was the name of the student who was involved in the tragic accident?

Andrew Henges had never before experienced anything so tragic or devastating in his life when it happened – having never witnessed or experienced such a dramatic and impactful incident himself. A dedicated student at Texas A&M University where he pursued academics while making lifelong friends through Delta Tau Delta fraternity membership and social events such as drinking games with other Delta Tau Delta brothers, Henges experienced everything head first until that fateful night when tragedy struck and ended his life abruptly.

What happened on that fateful evening?

Henges was reported dead to New Orleans Police around 3:30 am Saturday morning on Loyola Avenue in the 600 Block of Warehouse District after leaning over and falling over a balcony railing, according to reports. He was already gone when first responders arrived.

Where was this incident?

A parking garage on Loyola Avenue, near the 600 block, in New Orleans’ Warehouse District was involved in an accident. The area is well known for its urban appeal and historical significance; making it both a sought-after tourist spot as well as local gathering spot.

What has been the response of the university community?

Texas A&M Delta Tau Delta Chapter took to Instagram in order to express their sadness over Andrew’s passing away and fondly remember him as someone with an open and kind-hearted nature who always looked out for others’ needs. In their tribute, Andrew was described as someone with a golden heart who cared deeply for others. The fraternity highlighted his qualities, praising his humility, selflessness and love. They also praised his pride, strength and pride. They were clear in their message: they will always cherish the beautiful memories Andrew left behind, even though they mourned his loss.

Do you have any investigations in progress?

Dwight McKenna from the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office confirmed Henges as Henges; it remains to be established whether her death was the result of any misdeeds or other contributing factors; officials may conduct further inquiries to shed more light on its details.

What is next for Henges and his family?

Andrew Henges’ passing has deeply affected his family, fraternity brothers, and friends. On Saturday, May 6, Beaumont will hold funeral services to pay their respects to Andrew’s memory and mourn his loss appropriately. Many members from Texas A&M University as well as Beaumont communities will attend these memorial services for him.

Andrew Henges tragic death is a poignant reminder that life can be fragile. Many are in mourning, while Henges’ grieving friends and family seek comfort in the memories he has left behind. As investigations into the circumstances surrounding Henges’ death continue, we hope to find answers and that Henges legacy of love and humility will live on.