Background and Early Life

Joyce DeWitt, born on April 23, in Wheeling West Virginia to Paul DeWitt and Norma DeWitt, was raised in a close-knit environment. Joyce DeWitt was born on April 23, 1939, in Wheeling, West Virginia to Paul and Norma DeWitt. She was raised within their close-knit family environment.

Rise to Stardom

DeWitt’s iconic role as Janet Wood, in “Three’s Company”, was the first time she gained wide recognition. This role showcased her amazing comedic timing skills and ability to connect with audiences. DeWitt gained fame by working with actors such as John Ritter and Suzanne Somers. She has also appeared in films like “Call of the Wild 3D”, “Airplane II: The Sequel” and others.


DeWitt has a strong academic background in addition to her acting career. She has a master’s from UCLA, demonstrating her commitment to professional and personal growth.

Personal life

Joyce DeWitt has kept her personal life relatively secret, which adds a mysterious air to her persona. She was married to Ray Buktenica between 1979 and 1986. As of January 12, 2023 reports indicate that she has not been dating anyone.

Net Worth & Achievements

Joyce DeWitt is one of the richest TV actresses in the US, with an estimated net-worth of $4 million. Her role in Three’s Company and other acting gigs is largely responsible for her wealth. Details regarding assets like cars and houses are confidential.

After the “Three’s Company

DeWitt took time off from acting after the end of “Three’s Company”, in 1984. She returned to the stage in 1991, when she performed in “Noises Off”, a play at Michigan’s Cherry County Playhouse. She also appeared in episodes of popular TV shows such as “Cybill” and the TV comedy “Spring Fling!”

Relationships and Controversies

On-screen, the camaraderie of DeWitt with her “Three’s Company’s” co-stars could be felt. She shared a close friendship with John Ritter, Suzanne Somers and other cast members. But Somers’ sudden departure from the show due to a wage dispute became one of most talked about controversies during that era.

Current Endeavours

Joyce DeWitt has taken on a variety of roles on stage and screen after her fame from “Three’s Company”. She has appeared in the Waffle House themed musical “Scattered Smothered and Covered Christmas” which showcases her adaptability as well as passion for acting.

Joyce DeWitt’s journey from West Virginia fame to Hollywood is inspirational. She has achieved success in a highly competitive entertainment industry through hard work, talent and persistence.