According to sources, the Taliban have enforced new laws and regulations in recently overcome areas in Afghanistan’s northern region of Takhar, instructing females to not venture out alone males to develop a beard, as well as other things.

Worldwide, the Taliban got noted for its racism and gender inequality. So, Let’s see major Taliban laws and regulations and rules exists for everyone.

Who’re the Taliban?

The Taliban were tossed from power in Afghan by US-brought forces in 2001. They’ve lately launched a counter-offensive and therefore are around the approach of recapturing power. Following a Soviet Union’s presence in Afghanistan, the Taliban started out a dreadful civil conflict.

Once inside the authority, the Taliban declare to wish to “establish peace and safety” and “implement their rigid personal type of Sharia, or Islamic law.” The Taliban keep insisting that they’ll not capture anybody “by violence” because they control areas in Afghanistan.

Taliban Laws and regulations and Rules For Ladies:

•           Earlier, the Taliban established a harsh type of Islamic governance. They entailed prohibiting women from while attending college and denying women working outdoors the home.

•           Without a biological related or perhaps a hijab, females shouldn’t be seen alone in public places.

•           Women mustn’t put on high-heeled footwear as no guy should notice their steps.

•           An outsider should be unable to hear a lady voice while she’s conversing noisally in public places.

•           To prevent ladies from viewing the road, each window around the bottom floor of the apartment should be closed or encircled with a curtain.

•           While analyzing Taliban Laws and regulations and Rules, we found that it’s illegal for ladies to consider their photographs, videotaped, or proven on television, magazines, shops, or homes.

•           It is illegal for ladies to face on their own terraces.

•           It is forbidden for ladies to talk around the television, on television, or perhaps in any large event.

Listed here are a couple of illustrations from the Taliban’s terrible penalties:

•           A lady had the top of the her finger chopped off in October 1996 while putting nailpolish on her behalf hands.

•           In December 1996, 225 Afghanistan, a lady was jailed and billed with smashing the sharia rule of clothing, according to Radio Sharia. The woman was beaten on their own thighs and shoulders for his or her wrongdoing.


The Taliban Laws and regulations and Rules are frightening. Worldwide, everyone was curious to understand it. Throughout the Taliban’s leadership, women that disobeyed the rules were frequently humiliated and beaten in-front through the Taliban’s morality police. The Taliban also performed individuals public, sliced off criminals’ fingers, and burned women charged of immorality.

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