Craft paper box is the most popular variety of packaging for products today due to their affordability, sturdiness and recyclability. Kraft paper boxes have been proven effective in protecting goods in transit, making them perfect for shipping goods. Our company offers clients a wide variety of colors and shapes of kraft paper packaging box to select from, ensuring that they can find the perfect option for their business needs. Since we know that color is an important factor when it comes to packaging, we use state-of-the-art printing technology to ensure that our designs stand out on your boxes. We also offer attractive discounts on bulk orders, making it possible for you to save money while still getting high-quality products. 

Customization: Kraft paper packaging box can be customized in many ways, due to its flexibility. Custom boxes increase brand awareness when printed with different colors using state-of-the-art printing technologies. Customers can also enhance product protection and value by using effective wrapping and various add-on options. Moreover, our craft paper boxes are made with eco-friendly materials that minimize packaging waste. Some customization features are below:

  1. Foiling: Foiling is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of craft paper boxes. You can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns for your foil stamping to reflect your brand’s identity.
  1. Types of kraft paper boxes: We know it very well that kraft paper packaging box has several uses in the market. Hence, we offer different types of craft boxes to maintain the charm of your product as listed below:
  • Jewelry packaging kraft paper box: Thinking how to make profits in Jewelry business? You’re at the right website. As companies are rapidly shifting towards using biodegradable materials, our kraft paper box is the most appropriate packaging for your Jewelry business. They are uniquely designed and suitable for storing your jewelries to make a positive impact of your brand. 
  • Food items kraft paper box: Nobody wants to eat a stale food, right? That’s where our craft paper boxes come in to protect your fast food and bakery items. They are cost effective, yet maintains the quality of your food. In addition, we also install handles on kraft paper packaging box that facilitates you to carry them from one place to another. 
  • Gift kraft paper box: People love to give gifts to their beloved ones on events like anniversaries, birthday parties etc. and they always need a packaging for it. Our kraft paper box packaging will play a big role in creating a memorable experience when you’ll give them as a gift. They are well decorated with attached silk ribbons and stickers that will capture the heart of your dear one on the very first moment. 
  • Kraft paper box for apparel packaging: Kraft paper packaging box can be fancy and inspiring when they’re have folding, tray boxes and sliding drawers’ features. These styles are usually made when your craft paper boxes are used for apparel packaging. 
  1. Embossing or debossing: Embossing or debossing your brand’s logo or name on your craft paper boxes can make your products give them a touch of luxury and can make your business grow.

Eco friendly box packaging: There are plenty of risks caused by the use of non-biodegradable materials. Hence, our kraft paper packaging box is a great solution as it doesn’t affect the environment.  This way, you don’t only take part in reducing waste but your also save your money as kraft paper box is made of wood pulp which makes it cost effective. Additionally, our printing and coating also minimize environmental pollution. 

Visually appealing designs: Our experts use state of the art printing to make your kraft paper box look fascinating and more expensive. They turn complex ideas into reality with their professionalism. They also offer versatile options to personalize your craft paper packing box to grab the attention of customers. In addition, companies can have their logo and tempting pictures imprinted on the front of their kraft paper box for branding purpose. In case if they have any confusions regarding their design, they can use the free tool on our website for creating a 3D model of their design with striking combinations of different colors.  

Excellent quality

Craft paper boxes are an excellent everyday utility as they are able to bear adverse climatic conditions, such as moisture, heat, pressure and even vibration. These boxes can be easily customized for different sizes or to add corrugated layers that provides mechanical strength for heavy weight shipments. However, this durable material is also suitable for light weight items such as shipping books, artwork and handmade goods. You can give your customers a memorable unboxing experience with our customized high quality Kraft paper packaging box, by virtue of bearing high pressure and resistance to dust, are now widely used in retail business to increase shelf life of products. Moreover, the kraft paper box has secured a good market in beverage and food industry as they are free from chemicals, toxins and allergens. In short, such sturdy, ecofriendly and affordable craft paper boxes are used for the storage, transportation and packaging of an array of commodities; thus, making them worth buying. 

Safe and fast delivery

Kraft paper box is shipped to your destination with fast turnaround time after they are inspected by our quality control department. The shipment costs are also low because they are light weight. 

Reasonable price

Kraft paper packaging box is the most affordable shipping material as it’s used to wrap a variety of products. Its recyclable and reusable material nature makes it cost-effective and easily accessible. Moreover, we adjust prices in such a way that doesn’t exceed your budget when you order in bulk quantity. Check more packaging Products click packaging Boxes Pro.

What you should invest in us?

We make sure that our client achieves perfect kraft paper box packaging that do the publicity for your brand. They come in several shapes and sizes and distinctive themes that increase your sales. We are the best manufactures who work with modern methods to make cost-effective custom craft paper boxes with no compromise on quality. Additionally, you can get a sample to know of our kraft paper packaging box if you have any doubts regarding quality of work and design.