Steve Jacoby’s sudden and unexpected death, as the beloved De La Salle High School defensive line coach, and charismatic character on and off the field, sent shockwaves throughout high school football circles around world. This article examines Coach Jacoby’s life and achievements, as well as our collective grief at his loss.

Steve Jacoby

Steve Jacoby began his journey in Santa Ana, California. Jacoby grew up in a region soaked in sun, and was exposed to all the sports passion and vibrant culture that California has to offer. In Santa Ana, Jacoby’s early years laid the foundations for his love of football and commitment to community service. These formative years shaped, like many others before him, his commitment, grit and perspective. They ultimately led him to a career dedicated to football and mentoring young talent.

Steve’s entrepreneurial journey HTML0

Steve Jacoby, in addition to his coaching duties and eTeamSponsor co-founding, demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit. Jacoby, as the Partnership Development manager of this venture, was instrumental in helping to bridge the gap between local teams and potential sponsors by providing a platform that allowed these entities collaborate seamlessly. Jacoby’s understanding of sports, coupled with his vision of eTeamSponsor has revolutionized grassroots sponsorship. He has supported countless teams as they strive for excellence.

De La Salle: A Legacy in the Making

Steve Jacoby was appointed defensive line coach for De La Salle High School, Concord, California in 2006. The team grew in both skill and unity under his guidance. Jacoby’s philosophy of hard work, discipline and team spirit has transformed De La Salle to one of the premier teams in the region. Coach Jacoby is forever linked with De La Salle’s football program.

The Pleasant Hill Years

Coach Jacoby became an integral part of the community in Pleasant Hill, California after moving there. He was dedicated to football beyond the football field. He would often engage with young football enthusiasts, offering advice, sharing experiences and mentoring the future generation of footballers. In Pleasant Hill, Coach Jacoby became not only one of California’s most prominent high school football figures, but was also beloved by residents for his warmth and approachability.

Steve Jacoby Cause of Death

Steve Jacoby’s sudden death due to a heartattack leaves a hole that cannot be filled in the Pleasant Hill and high school football communities, even if we don’t know all of the details. Although details about his death are sketchy, the loss of Steve Jacoby reminds us to enjoy every moment while we still can.

Honoring His Legacy and Paying Tribute

The Spartans of De La Salle football team made the heartfelt decision to honor their late coach by playing against El Cerrito. The Spartans, De La Salle’s football team, made the poignant decision to play against El Cerrito in honor of their late coach.

Steve Jacoby lived a life filled with passion, devotion and support for both his community and sport. We mourn his passing but his legacy will endure in all those touched by him; especially among his players that were under his mentorship – they feel safe knowing Coach Steve Jacoby will forever remain part of high school football history as an inspirational source for future generations to look up to and seek advice.


  1. Who Was Steve Jacoby?
    Steve Jacoby, the esteemed defensive coach at De La Salle High School as well as co-founder of eTeamSponsor.
  2. Steve Jacoby died on what date?
    Steve Jacoby died tragically on October 20, 2023.
  3. What caused Steve Jacoby to die?
    Steve Jacoby passed away due to a cardiac arrest.
  4. Where did Steve Jacoby coach at the time of Steve’s death?
    He was a coach at De La Salle High School, Concord, California.
  5. What is De La Salle High School doing to honor Jacoby?
    The Spartans played against El Cerrito to honor Coach Jacoby.