It is always a struggle when it is the time of the month. Do you experience leaks and accidents, making the entire time uncomfortable? Try out a new way of period safety, period-proof underwear. As the name suggests, they are undergarments that can conveniently absorb the period discharge and prevent leakage. Compared with other products during menstruation, this is an excellent option to keep women leak-free and dry. There are different types of period proof underwear in Australia based on absorbance and reusability. Using these, one can replace disposable products like pads and tampons. They look and feel very similar to daily lingerie. So it helps all women to protect themselves when they are menstruating without additional products or discomfort.

Australia currently has 12.5 million females, making up 51% of the population in the country. About 8.4 million of that population includes women between ages 10 and 50 who experience their period and require care and safety products.

What Are the Salient Features of Period Proof Underwear?

Porous or absorbent

Everyone has their perceptions. In the same way, all women have different flows while menstruating. It is suitable for all kinds of flows. Like disposable period materials, these also come in different absorbance levels. Starting with a super light that can handle up to 5 millilitres. The Light – Moderate level is equal to two regular tampons, which hold up to 10 millilitres. Moderate – Heavy can absorb 15 millilitres, equivalent to three regular tampons. The overnight can handle approximately 20 to 25 millilitres, compatible with four regular tampons. The longest is the Maxi-24hours which lasts a whole day and holds 50 millilitres.

The utilisation of the materials

These undergarment materials are either natural fabrics or recycled ones. The different types of fabrics are merino wool, bamboo and nylon. These fulfil the needs during both incontinence and the menstrual cycle.

Available in a wide range of sizes

The size range is impressive and affords waist sizes from 22-inches to 48-inches. One can also find undergarments for people with smaller bodies.

Comfortable and assuring

These products make women feel helped and comfortable. It is also known as “free-bleeding”. People can stop worrying about their hard days and say hello to their relaxing days.

Flexible at all times

Whenever women do any physical activities like exercise or yoga, they need not agonise about it. Period proof underwear in Australia provides them extra safety while doing physical tasks.

The two basic types of period undergarments:

Choosing what kind of menstrual care products to wear is a personal/private step. After understanding their characteristics, one can make an informed decision.

Absorbent type

This type comes with numerous layers of fabric. These layers provide the product to be leak-proof and protect from microbial infections. The main reason for investing in this is to replace sanitary pads, tampons and other menstrual products. It makes women’s life a lot simpler, easier and more assuring.

Non-absorbent type:

These do not come with multiple layers. Instead, they have a layer of waterproof fabric. This fabric is jammed in between other materials like cotton.

What is the Maintenance Procedure?

The best way to clean period proof underwear in Australia is by soaking them in ice-cold water and rinsing them. They are also machine-friendly and must be washed with a mild detergent. However, they must never be put in the dryer and be dried naturally in the fresh air. As the product is stain-resistant, women need not worry about blots or residual smell. If they see some spots, they can use vinegar to clean them up.