Sarah Jakubasz, Mercy Medical Center’s shining star for more than three decades of selfless services to others, was a shining example. We discover both sadness and joy as we examine her legacy.

Who Was Sarah Jakubasz?

Sarah Jakubasz is an example of a medical professional who has dedicated her life to helping those in need. Sarah Jakubasz was born April 15, 1965, in South Hadley Massachusetts. She accepted nursing as a calling at the University of Massachusetts Amherst with open arms. Sarah developed a passion for caring for others, which she eventually turned into award winning services at Mercy Medical Center. But more than accolades and recognition, Sarah found true reward in improving lives and providing comfort to those in need.

What happened to Sarah Jakubasz

Sarah Jakubasz died unexpectedly. She left behind a family, friends, and co-workers in shock and grief. Sarah Jakubasz left an indelible impression at Mercy Medical Center. She was a professional wife, devoted mother and nurturing parent. We all miss her today.

How Did Sarah Jakubasz Die?

Sarah Jakubasz died in unknown circumstances, adding to the sadness. At such an emotional time, it’s vital that we respect those whose privacy has been violated by their passing. Sarah passed on July 23rd 2023. Today we remember and honor this person.

Sarah Jakubasz led a full and rich professional and personal life. Sarah Jakubasz found joy and peace while raising Emily and Michael together with Robert Jakubasz since 1990. Sarah was always generous and caring to everyone she encountered – unfortunately her death has brought the mourning process full-circle for those left behind. However, her spirit of caring and giving continues today.

The Legacy of Compassionate Healer

Sarah Jakubasz left an indelible mark on all who knew and worked alongside her, prompting shockwaves through the community upon hearing of her untimely demise. A flood of condolences and tributes followed. Sarah’s legacy is one of unrelenting kindness and a smile that could light up any room. She also left behind a commitment to service which went beyond anything she was expected to do by anyone. Sarah’s life is evident as people prepare to celebrate her on Good Morning America Friday morning. She was an indelible story of love and devotion who served family and patients equally, if not even better.

Sarah’s life work was not limited to treating physical illnesses, but also the emotional needs of her patients. She was able to offer unmatched support and comfort through her holistic nursing approach. Sarah’s legacy will inspire future generations through her care standards that are still honored today.

Sarah Jakubasz serves as a reminder of both its fragility and lasting influence in our lives. Her obituary stands not just as an account of her achievements but as an act of kindness in difficult moments.

Following Sarah’s passing, friends and family gather together both to grieve as well as honor a life full of gifts. Sarah’s memorial on Good Morning America allows those touched by Sarah to pay their respects as well as gain comfort through shared memories that continue her legacy.

Sarah Jakubasz stands as an inspiring reminder of how one person’s efforts can have profound effects. We honor Sarah for all she did to build an inclusive society and look to Sarah to guide our collective effort toward an endowed with kindness, empathy and care for future generations.


  1. What is known of Sarah Jakubasz’s cause?
    • The cause of death of Sarah Jakubasz has not yet been revealed.
  2. When did Sarah Jakubasz die?
    • Sarah Jakubasz died on July 23, 2023.
  3. Sarah Jakubasz: Who was she?
    • Sarah Jakubasz worked as a nurse at Mercy Medical Center in New York for more than 30 years.
  4. Will there be any public tributes to Sarah Jakubasz?
    • Tomorrow at 8:55 am, Good Morning America will be airing a tribute.
  5. What is the reaction of the community to Sarah Jakubasz’s death?
    • The community has expressed its shock and paid tribute to her compassion.