Ron Morin, one of Lewiston’s most beloved members, died untimely. Ron was known for his positive and energetic nature and left an indelible mark on all those he knew, embodying what it means to belong in community. Ron’s untimely passing has left a hole in many hearts who knew and loved him. It has also raised serious concerns from his neighbors about its cause.

Ron Morin: Who was he?

Ron Morin was an icon in Lewiston. His infectious smile and energetic personality made him a valuable source of positivity for our community. Cecile Francoeur Martin remembers him fondly as a person whose presence transformed a bad day to a good one. He brought happiness, hope and optimism to those he touched every day. Ron wasn’t just a man passing through the world – he was someone who made lives better by making them brighter for everyone around him.

Taboo Hair Design, located on Bates Street, was familiar to him because he visited them frequently. He became a familiar face to their clients. Rosa Storer, Rosa’s mother and Rosa remember him fondly. Both found him to be an “upstanding gentleman with lots of happiness in his heart”. His interactions went beyond transactional. They created lasting memories by sharing stories, laughter and memorable jokes between partners.

What happened to Ron Morin?

The death of Ron Morin was a devastating blow to many people in Lewiston. Ron’s sudden departure left his family, friends, and acquaintances in shock. Lewiston also suffered a tragedy with his death.

How Did Ron Morin Die?

Rosa Storer, Ron Morin’s hairstylist was the only one to receive a private message from his wife, revealing details of his tragic and untimely death. Rosa Storer, Ron’s hairstylist, is mourning his untimely and tragic death. While there was no public account of Ron Morin’s passing, the suddenness of it has had a devastating effect on those who knew him. It also created anxiety in Lewiston because shootings are continuing. Rosa Storer is mourning Ron, but she’s also worried about the other members of Lewiston.

Legacy and Community Impact Analysis

Ron Morin’s legacy goes beyond his visits to Lewiston salons. He was a man of unwavering optimism who brought happiness and laughter to so many. Ron’s impact was consistent and positive. His presence brightened the rooms he entered, uplifting those who were close to him. His legacy will live on in Lewiston forever as stories about his kindness, humor and joyful spirit remind us all how influential one individual can be within any community.

Ron Morin’s sudden and tragic death serves as a reminder of the fragility of life. It has profoundly affected everyone who knew him and Lewiston, in particular. In these trying times, Ron Morin’s legacy of kindness, happiness and laughter will serve as a beacon to Lewiston. While mourners seek solace in shared memories, Ron’s spirit is sure to continue to inspire those who were fortunate enough to have known him.


1. Ron Morin: Who was he?
Ron Morin, a well-known Lewiston resident known for his positive attitude and frequent visits at Taboo Hair Design.

2. How did Ron Morin die?
Ron Morin tragically died in a shooting, affecting his friends and the Lewiston Community.

3. Where was the shooting of Ron Morin?
The exact location where Ron Morin was shot and killed has not been made public.

4. Is there a suspect in the death of Ron Morin?
There are currently no public details about suspects or arrested in connection with Ron Morin’s murder.

5. What was the reaction of the community to Ron Morin’s death?
Lewiston is mourning Ron’s tragic death and remembering him as a happy, positive individual.