If you’re wondering what the difference is between roller shutters and  roller garage doors Essex , you wouldn’t be the only one. People often use the terms ‘roller door’ and ‘roller shutter’ interchangeably, but they aren’t quite the same. This is why the former can be referred to as ‘roller garage doors’ instead.

Though they’re both a type of door that rolls up to open and down to close, shutters are made up of connected horizontal slats that offer greater protection, while a simple garage door is usually just a single screen. For this reason, roller shutters are more common in industrial or commercial settings.  

Let’s look into the differences between roller shutters and roller doors, and which type is the best.

Thanks to expert design, which includes interlocking aluminium slats, you’ll get the most durable product available with Security Shutters Sydney.

What is a roller shutter?

Roller shutters are made of linked metal slats that are connected with hinges for ease of movement. The interlocking system provides greater integrity, allowing the door to withstand different types of damage for longer. It contributes to fire protection, anti-vandalism, and theft prevention measures.

Thanks to expert design, which includes interlocking aluminium slats, you’ll get the most durable product available with Security Shutters Sydney.

This is why you’ll normally see heavy-duty roller shutters in settings that require a higher level of security – such as shops, schools, hospitals, and airports. Not only do they keep intruders out when closed (including vermin), but they also offer acoustic and thermal insulation for energy efficiency.

What is a roller door?

A roller door is basically one whole curtain rather than individual slats. This still blocks unauthorised entry and keeps heat in when closed, but not to the same extent as a roller shutter. They’re also called ‘high-speed’ or ‘rapid roll’ doors, as you can open and close them much faster than shutters.

This makes them suitable for high-traffic private areas where a sheet of corrugated metal is enough to provide a minimum standard of security. As the alternative name suggests, you’ll often find ‘roller garage doors’ on residential garages. They save space because they open vertically, not outwards.

Are roller shutters better than roller garage doors?

Both types of roller doors share many of the same benefits. For example, they’re easy to operate whether the design is manual or has an electrical motor, and you can customise them with a wide range of colours. They’re all safe to use, made of strong metal, and don’t take up much space.

However, the kind of roller door that’s best for you depends on your circumstances. Since roller shutters are thicker and made up of more parts, they’re more expensive to install – but on the other hand, they’re cheaper and easier to fix if an individual part gets damaged and needs to be replaced. 

Roller doors offer adequate security and are cheaper initially, but since it’s a single curtain, you’ll have to replace the entire door if one part of it is damaged beyond repair. However, if you’ll be opening and closing the door frequently, this type is much more efficient than a slower shutter.Basic roller doors work well in industrial and domestic settings, but robust roller shutters are the better choice for high-value commercial, industrial, or public buildings. Consider your budget, security, and spatial requirements before choosing garage doors or roller shutters in Manchester.