This article will provide the specifics on an online nursery and this article will provide you with the information to Do you think legitimate?

Do you love greeneries? We don’t know of anyone who isn’t interested in plants. The presence of plants provides our homes a fresh and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, they add to the environment. There is no doubt that establishing more plants is the best way to help save the planet.

Now, like everything else, plants are also available online due to the efforts of websites like the United States-based But before we trust this specific site, we must be sure whether authentic in any way or not?

The authenticity of the website

Understanding the true nature of an online marketplace can be difficult. However, don’t worry about it because we’ve done all the work for you.

  • Legality of Address: No address is provided on the website.
  • The domain’s age is The domain is 18 years old. of age
  • Date of registration is 01-10-2004.
  • Policies: Most of the time crystal clear
  • Plagiarism Rate The quantity of duplicate content is not significant.
  • Alexa rank: The website has the 25185th rank on Alexa.
  • Customer Reviews Review The majority of reviews are favorable
  • Payments Modes: Different types of payment are offered
  • Contact Information Contact Details: Only a telephone number is provided for purposes of contact.
  • Trust Index: Excellent trust score of 95%.
  • The owner of the site Owner’s name isn’t publicly known.
  • Website Activity in Social Media: site is active across all social media platforms.

Our analysis shows evidence that the online store is reliable.

The Website’s About Page

It’s clear from the name that it is an online nursery. It offers a wide selection of different kinds of trees and plants and provides rapid deliveries of plants that are healthy. Based on the specifics of Are authentic Their collection comprises bricks of berries, citrus trees fruits of the tropical region, flowersing trees, shed houses, trees palm trees for patios and many other varieties of plants.

They also give you care tips for your plants and tips about the right tree for your garden. Prices are fair and you can find trees for all price sizes. The site is offering a price reduction of 60% to commemorate Earth Week.

Site Specifications

  • Get Your Plants Here:
  • Office Address: No address can be located.
  • Email Address The website doesn’t offer any email addresses.
  • reviews We could not find only positive reviews
  • Telephone number: (800) 397-8774
  • Working Hours: The information is not available.
  • International Orders The website is only available to the United States
  • The cost of delivery is $19.95 will be charged to deliver
  • Shipping Policy: A single way of shipping is adhered to
  • Free shipping: Orders of more than $125 qualify to receive free shipping
  • Return Policy Subject to approval
  • Return Period: It is not stated.
  • Return Costs 25% of the total cost of your order will be taken as a restocking charge
  • Exchange Policy: A request for exchange can be filed within 30 days of the date it was originally requested.
  • A Refund Policy is not in place. The lack this policy has us questioning the legitimacy of Legal?
  • Cost of exchange: Shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer in the event that you receive the wrong item
  • Order Cancellation: Valid for up to 4 hours from the time of placing the order.
  • Transaction Modes: Various
  • Social Media: Very popular on social media

List of Benefits

  • Many varieties of plants are readily available
  • Plant care tips are readily available
  • Other garden essentials are also available.
  • There are a variety of payment methods available
  • Positive reviews are reported
  • Free shipping is an option offered

List of Disadvantages

  • International orders are not accepted.
  • Restocking charges are applicable.
  • The policy for refunds isn’t in place.
  • Exchange or return cannot be guaranteed.

Which are purchasers opinions – Are True ?

When we were looking for opinions of customers, we found a lot of testimonials on the official site. They all praise the service and quality of the site. Every customer has given the product a rating of five or four stars. Visit here if you have more queries about

However, it wasn’t possible to verify the authenticity of the reviews posted on the official website since the review section on Facebook’s page on the site was removed.

Final Verdict

The question is legitimate or fake is evident enough. Therefore, we are able to suggest that you consider giving this site a shot