These products can be purchased quickly at an online or virtual store. They have products such as processors, mining cases and motherboards at a very affordable price.

This shop is already well-known in India as well as the United States. This online store has many customers. So we’ll review the main information by proper Powerstripe Reviews, and attempt to find the facts.

What is and how does it work? offers many types of manufacturing products. There are several products that they sell, such as video graphics cards and desktop computers, mining equipment, and other manufacturing products like ABS, MSI, MSI, and others. Products

According to the current popularity of the site among buyers, we will need to collect accurate information. We will also need to determine its service model, customer service, and other features. We also attempt to get the review of customers about this site. Is Powerstripe Legit?

Specifications on site

  • Domain Creation Date 07/02/2021
  • Domain URL –
  • Products Type – Desktop computer, graphics cards, fans and cooling, mining cases, motherboards, processors, memory card, hard drives, power supplier etc.
  • Official Address- 17800 Castleton St. City of Industry CA 91748, United States
  • Phone Number – +1 (888) 755-7876 (Toll free)
  • Payments Mode- There are many options such as credit cards, paypal, digital currency (Cryptocurrency), etc.
  • Return Policy: 60-day return policy
  • Refund Policy – There are multiple refund policies that can be issued for the same credit or debit cards, digital currency, paypal, and/or credit cards.
  • Exchange Rule – Optional Exchange policies allowed
  • Delivery Rule: As per the Powerstrip within 3-8 Days
  • Delivery Charge – Conditions based on country and region
  • Social Media Presence. Social Media Icons have not been specified

Advantages of Buying at Site

This virtual shop provides many manufacturing and desktop product online.

  • There are many products available on the site.
  • It has an exact delivery, return, or exchange policy.
  • The website states that the shipping policy for this product is very mild.
  • They offer a wide variety of products at low prices.
  • They offer an easy payment procedure.

What You Should Know Before Buying from

  • The name of the owner is not shown on this site.
  • They don’t have social media pages.

Is Powerstripe Legit?

Let’s now find out if this site is legit. Let’s take a look at the details to understand how it is legit.

  • Domain Date- The domain was launched on 26/01/2001. Site is old according to domain date.
  • Trust Score – It has a 76% trust score. This is the average trust rating.
  • Contact Info – While they do not provide the founder’s or owner’s names, they do offer contact information. According to the website, they have an address, contact information, and email id.
  • Social Media Icons: They don’t have social media pages. This is very absurd as per the Powerstrip.
  • Owner’s information – This site does not reveal the owner’s identity.
  • Customer Review – There are no customer reviews on their site.
  • Website Policy: They offer payment terms, various shipping policies, refund and returning policy, as well as written shipping policies. You can also exchange your rules via their website. They also have delivery guidelines and policies.

We also recommend you check out the section on customer reviews as it is vital to get a sense of the legitimacy and credibility of the website.

Powerstrip Reviews

Site doesn’t give any feedback. They provide excellent service according to the buyer’s perspective and the other site. They offer excellent products.

You can buy, pay and ship from them easily. This site is popular with buyers who are interested in purchasing products. Based on the expert reviews, more then 80 per cent of buyers considered this site to be excellent. This makes the online store more trustworthy and valuable. They also offer conditionsal shipping protocols to many European countries.

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Last Thoughts

After an honest review of the virtual shop, many people can question Powerstrip whether the store is trustworthy and credible. Positive reviews are also common. It is very easy to buy from this online shop. It is also possible to check the official site by clicking on