I bet you have been itching to do something, especially now that we are spending more time at our home and have been leisurely lounging around due to the new normal brought about by the pandemic. Now that you think about giving a whole makeover on your own space, giving your own house a once over, you notice how dry, dull, and outdated it is. But guess what? We are now spiraling down to an existential dilemma.   Here’s the catch, not all of us are born with a silver spoon and have the resources to spend to give it a new look. Without a doubt, most of us just make ends meet and are living a frugal life. We might be starting to question ourselves as to why we are not born as wealthy heiresses or why we are not living a rich slacker life? Unfortunately, lady luck did not smile on us when we were born.

But fret not! We can still upgrade our residences even if we are on a tight budget. This article will be your guide on home improvement for a low cost. In order to refashion your home, we have picked 7 tips on how to style it into the coziest and aesthetically pleasing home in a quick, easy, and cheap way. 

Repaint your walls

Perhaps one of the fastest ways in giving your home a new look, is by slathering new colors to your old and washed-out walls. Not only is it speedy, it is also handy as it does not take a pro to do your walls. Anyone can do it with just a few tools and make do with quick and dexterous movements. By repainting your walls, it gives us a new vibe and can reframe how homey your living space can be. There are a wide range of colors we can pick on – you can go for a simple yet elegant vibe with white, beige, black, and gold or go for a chick image with red, pink, chestnut, and blue. We can turn up the notch by going for daring colors with a burst of color of yellow, magenta, lime green, and orange. Either way, we can pop new colors in our area and remove the dull and boring ambiance we once had. 

Faux Backsplash

If you are into a chic style and is a fan of backsplash, then peel-and-stick faux backsplash might hit right into your taste. You no longer have to spend an exorbitant amount of doing woodwork or tile cutting in your residence just to achieve a perfect backsplash. By going to the nearest Target or supermarket, you can get a cheap faux backsplash that will be a game changer for your home. You can redesign your walls, kitchen area, or to wherever, just peel and stick it on the desired space and then viola! You now have a backsplash accent that is done in a blink of an eye. 

DIY Accents

If you have been into DIY and great at tinkering, then you are already saving up much money. By making use of your DIY, you can make it as a display or an accent to your living space. DIY frames and paintings can be a great addition to your walls. By collecting some dried-up pretty flowers and overlaying a few designs to compliment it then framing it, you can have an eathestic hanging picture frame. 

Stencil Your Tiles

If you have plain and unicolor tiles, then it is high time for it to get a makeover. With just a paint, a stencil, and a hardworking human, you can redesign your tiles with new vibrant and upgraded tiles. Surely, cheapskates and artistic people will love this idea. 

Sticker Wallpapers

Tired of your old bedroom walls? Then how about trying upgrading its appearance with low cost and easy to stick wallpapers. With just the perfect design that suits your palette, you can easily peel and stick it to your bedroom walls, easily transforming it to a new chick and elegant vibe. 

Renovate Your Storage and Unused Rooms

An unused and deserted room can be too much trouble especially that you are giving your entire house a new makeover. Dusts, bugs, and molds are ever present in these abandoned rooms as it is rarely used and cleaned as it is used to store unnecessary items. You can start by opening and airing the room for a refreshing air to replace the stale and dusty air.  You can hire professionals to clean up the bugs and molds inhabiting there for more effective sanitation.  You can consider making a call to mold inspectors – and MDInspectionPros are highly recommended in Baltimore, Maryland. After the germs are purged, you can transform the room into a new entertainment room or perhaps a new office where no one can disturb you when you are working at home.  

Upgrade Your Window

Windows are overwhelmly underrated and often overlooked when restyling your home. You can give your windows a new look with a few hacks. Curtains might be the first on the list, as it is one of the most obvious accents one can give to their window. It is highly recommended to go for long draped curtains to give the illusion of bigger space and is sophisticated to look at. Another hack is to upgrade it using your DIY window boxes and it is filled with refreshing and beautiful flowers that will give colors and brighten your room. Certainly, it will hook up your attention and add more interest to your home.