Taking care of your teeth is just as important as caring for every other part of the body. To maintain good dental health, you should get fillings done by a General Dentist in Massapequa. The primary method of exercising proper tooth care is through consistent tooth brushing. The ideal routine for this activity is set at two, two-minute daily brushing sessions a day. You should also precede these moments with flossing and close out the practice by gargling some mouthwash.

Besides brushing, one further consideration plays a vital role in tooth care. That is diet. The foods you eat can majorly impact your oral health. Consequently, there are several foods that you are better off avoiding or consuming only in moderation for the sake of preserving your dental health. Some of these foods are:

Carbonated Drinks

Your favourite soft drink may be the cause of your dental woes. This assertion lies in the fact that there is definitive proof that fizzy, bubbly drinks cause significant damage to the teeth. First, they dry out the mouth by interrupting saliva production through a diminished pH balance. Now, with less saliva comes more acid in the mouth. This acid wears away the tooth enamel over time, with terrible outcomes.

Besides the enamel erosion, soft drinks cause tooth discolouration and staining by introducing pigments and dyes used in their formulas.

Alternatives: Drink more water to help you set and stay away from carbonated drinks. Water is healthier and acts as a cleanser that enables you to maintain the ideally neutral pH in your mouth, boost saliva production and rinse away any residual acids.

Sour Candy

Sour candy presents issues on two fronts. First, the sweet part contains sugar that will cause cavities and tooth decay. Additionally, the sour part is no better. This component is highly acidic, thus increasing the acid amounts in your mouth. This acid then erodes your tooth enamel, thus leaving the inner parts of the teeth exposed.

Alternatives: For those sweet cravings, try opting for chocolate instead, preferably dark instead of milk chocolate, as it contains less sugar, and you consume it faster.


This one may seem contradictory; after all, isn’t citrus supposed to be healthy food and an ideal source of vitamin C? Well, despite its health benefits, the composition of most citrus fruits is not easy on the teeth. These fruits are highly acidic. Therefore they render the teeth vulnerable to decay.

Alternatives: You don’t have to stop eating citrus fruits. You only need to moderate your intake. Aim for whole fruit only and rinse your mouth with water afterwards. It is also advisable to refrain from brushing your teeth immediately after ingesting citrus.

Dried Fruit

Another deceptive option. Despite its seeming to be a good choice, dried fruit contains a lot of sugar. Furthermore, its sticky and chewy nature allows it to wedge in between the teeth, facilitating bacteria growth and tooth decay.

Alternatives: Choose fresh fruit instead. This option allows you to benefit from nutrients like fibre while consuming less sugar.

Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine tends to cause staining and discolouration, making your favourite tea and coffee drinks less than ideal. Moreover, it has a high acid content that will facilitate tooth decay.

Alcohol, on the other hand, dries out the mouth by interrupting saliva production. This lack of saliva exposes the teeth to more acid and leads to tooth decay due to eroded enamel.

Alternatives: Try adding some milk to your coffee. It will help neutralise the acidity. In addition, you may also consider switching to tea.

Finally, remember to make periodic visits to your dentist for check-ups. They will help ensure that you are keeping up with your dental care.