Are you looking forward to Halloween, which is taking place in a variety of games? Do you enjoy Fortnite games? If yes, what is your most favorite game mode? The players all over Canada,the United States, Australia,the United Kingdom, Netherlands are eagerly looking in search of Mini Pufts.

In the form of a theme for ghostbusters In Fortnite In Fortnite, players are challenged to Mini-Exterminate Pufts. Let’s begin our discussion to learn how to eliminate Mini Pufts.

The Fortnite game: Fortnite game

Epic Games Epic Games released an online video game in July 2017, called Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite: Battle Royale. But, in 2018, a different version of the game Fortnite: creative was launched.

Players have the option of playing with Mac OS, Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It is also possible to enjoy Creative or Battle Royale mode on Android devices, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. In addition, the developers are planning to launch it for Playstation 5, the Xbox series X/S as well as Playstation 5.

The latest Fortnite challenge inspired players to search to find mini-exterminate pufts.

What exactly is the Mini Pufts?

Fortnitemare event scheduled for 2021 has been revamped and has introduced an original character that is based on the movie Ghostbusters: Afterlife. The First version of Ghostbuster was introduced to the map in the month of October 2021. On the 19th of October 2021, the character was in the spirit of the mini-pufts character.

In the discussion of Mini Pufts Mini Pufts, they are tiny Marshmallow characters who were created in form to be a mascot for Keep Puft Marshmallows. They are adorable but also destructive and don’t think before they act. Mini Pufts emit blue light when you get close to them. Let’s see where it is and how.

What is HTML0? Where can I find it? Mini Exterminate Pufts?

These are the areas where you could place your feet to remove mini pufts

Sludgy Swamp:

There is also the the Mini-pufts near the middle of Sludgy Swamp. Go inside the building on the rightside, where there is a massive L. There you’ll be able to see them in the midst of several boxes. You can eliminate them by axe to end the demon.

Lazy Lake:

Mini-Pufts can be found in the southeastern part of the home, which features a grill and pool. In the BBQ space at the south-facing side, there are five Mini-pufts.

Retail Row

Mini Pufts are also available in Retail Row and you can also do mini Exterminate Pufts. Mini-pufts can be found at McGuffin’s bookshop in southeast Retail Row. If you walk into the shop you will see them on the shelves of books. They can be killed by creatures by striking them with your pickaxe. When you kill these animals you’ll earn rewards of 3000 Extra XP.


As Halloween gets creepier, Fortnite mini-pufts you can take down at Sludgy Swamp, Lazy Lake as well as Retail Row.

With an axe on the instruction by the Containment Specialist take on each of the Fortnite tasks and earn the reward, the Mini Exterminate Pufts to participate in an event called the Ghostbusters: Afterlife crossover event.