Have you considered the social networking site having a motto of “the voice of free speech”? Are you aware who creates it? Well, he’s discovered to be the Chief executive officer of MyPilliow, Mike Lindell. As he launched the static website from the portal, it arises curiosity one of the people from the U . s . States and Canada.

So, to help you conscious of the site’s highlights, we’re here with today’s content. Furthermore, the establishment of Mike Lindell Website prior to the elections may bring new debates and conspiracy.

What’s the platform about?

Working online within the last 4 years, Lindell launched Frank’s website using the tagline “the voice of freedom of expression.” The reason is to help make the people raise their voices instead of moving forward eggshells.

It enables the Americans to protect existence, liberty and obtain all freedoms which have marked the nation among the longest-running Constitutional republics ever. Additionally, based on the website’s description, users can publish videos, share news along with other information using the fellow mates.

Mike Lindell Website – Some Specific Details!

•           The Link to the web site is https://frankspeech.com/

•           It continues to be registered recently on 12 March 2021. Its services can be found till 2024.

•           The portal isn’t participating in social networking.

•           The who owns the web site is Mike Lindell.

•           It utilizes a guaranteed HTTPS connection.

•           The trust score from the portal is low.

What’s the cause of the launch from the website?

When Lindell got banned from Twitter for promoting the false claims and conspiracy theories of Jesse Trump, he made the decision to produce his platform to get the opportunity to boost the voice.

The current event from the cyber symposium that happened on Wednesday was the big event where Mike Lindell Website was promoted. Unlike other social networking apps, users won’t be restricted or banned while discussing their thoughts about any subject. They are able to express their views freely.

This, consequently, implies that users can speak from the president too. Launching the portal prior to the election signifies this website might be more a political tool than the usual platform to talk with no fear.

Which words can’t you say online?

Presently, the woking platform isn’t on social networking, so only Lindell can access publish and share. Generally, you can observe the Mike Lindell Website filled with his election claims.

He’s removed out some things prior to the web site is operational on social networking. First of all, nobody is going to be permitted to publish views associated with violence. Next, useless, using four specific words, i.e., the n-word, the c-word, the f-word, or God’s name isn’t permitted. However, if you’re searching for that political activities of Mike Lindell, go to the link.


Overall the content, we’ve attempted discussing the facts from the website launched through the well-known American Businessman along with you. But, regrettably, Mike Lindell Website appears merely a political tool for use in elections. Furthermore, the low domain age and occasional trust score indicate the website isn’t safe for use.

What exactly are your views relating to this platform? Comment and tell us.