Doctor Slump remains popular with both children and adults alike due to his humorous, engaging series of animes called Doctor Slump. With both young viewers as well as adult followers alike enjoying this popular series. This article focuses on the upcoming release “Migi & Dali”, a pivotal episode of the “Doctor Slump’ series. The episode is set to air Monday, 12th December 2023 and promises exciting developments and revelations following the events of the previous episode.

Episode 11: Anticipation

On December 11th at 10pm JST, “Migi & Dali”, episode 11, will finally make its premiere and has been eagerly anticipated by both Japanese audiences and viewers worldwide due to its immense popularity. It will first air on multiple Japanese TV channels such as BS11 Sun TV TOKYO MX and AT-X before becoming accessible worldwide for streaming purposes. This availability internationally highlights the global appeal and popularity of “Doctor Slump,” bringing together fans from different continents by sharing a love for the show.

Global Release Time

Due to the diverse fan base for “Doctor Slump”, the release of episode 11 of “Migi & Dali”, will take place at different times in various time zones. Fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the release of “Migi & Dali” episode 11 in different time zones. The synchronization in release times shows the global impact of the series and the careful planning required to cater to an international audience.

Online Streaming Accessibility

“Migi & Dali’s” episode 11 is now available online for streaming. This makes it available to a worldwide audience after its initial broadcast in Japan. Amazon Prime Video will be streaming the episode in Japan, and Crunchyroll in other countries. This ensures that fans can watch the latest episodes of the series. This online availability is testament to the changing nature of media consumption. Geographical boundaries are becoming less and less important in terms of content accessibility.

Episode 10 Recap

The episode 10 titled “Beavers Vs Mother Ichijo” laid the foundation for the upcoming events in the episode 11. The episode showed the alliance of Migi, Dali and Akiyama to form the group, “Beavers.” Reiko Ichijou’s unexpected cooperation in revealing Metry’s identity and their intricate plan to infiltrate Ichijou House added depth to the plot. This episode was crucial in setting up the next chapter. Fans speculated about possible twists and revelations.

What to Expect from Episode 11

The next episode will build on the excitement and suspense generated by its predecessor. The viewers are eager to discover the mystery surrounding Metry and the connection between Eiji, Migi & Dali and their past. This episode will be a mix of emotional storytelling, thrilling plot developments and the characteristic “Doctor Slump series”.


The “Doctor Slump”, episode 11, “Migi & Dali,” is more than just a release. It’s a community event for anime fans. This series has an ability to engage and connect with viewers around the globe, transcending both geographical and cultural borders. Fans eagerly anticipate its release with anticipation – they expect an exhilarating episode that adds new chapters in this beloved series!