Many people are switching to online shopping for fashion since it has numerous advantages for consumers. Do you wish to enhance your wardrobe with the most fashions? You must know the facts about Manpestore Store which is a recently launched and developed e-commerce fashion store located in the United States.

Manpestore offers an on-line shop that specializes in women’s clothing. It promises to have the finest and most up-to-date collection of clothes that meets the demands of today’s women. The website is however lacking several important aspects.

Customers who plan to shop at Manpestore must go through the Manpestore reviews.

What is Manpestore?

Manpestore is the latest ecommerce clothing store designed specifically to meet the fashion preferences of women in and throughout in the United States. Manpestore makes a lot of promises and guarantees to provide the most fashionable clothing at a prices that anyone is able to afford.

The store is a minimalist layout with easy-to-use buttons. It also has a search bar that is dedicated to which shoppers can quickly locate the item and then access directly from the homepage. The products come in a guide to size as well as an uncomplicated description.

However, many customers are reluctant to buy from the store , without having read the impartial Manpestore reviews by customers.

Specifications Of This Online Store

  • Website Link –
  • Products – Women’s Clothing and Fashion Accessories
  • Email Address –
  • Phone Number – +1 6628740771
  • Physical Address – 1408 Hibiscus Lane, Laredo, Texas, 78041, USA
  • Domain Age – Unknown
  • Shipping Information – Orders are processed within 3-5 business days following the order, and it takes between 10 and 15 working days for delivery to the location you want. There is no information on shipping costs.
  • Return and Refund Policy – The policy for refunds and returns of the store is valid for thirty days. items may be exchanged within 30 days for a an entire refund according to the Manpestore reviews. Refunds are processed upon receipt of the product and a thorough examination.
  • Payment Mode – PayPal Payments
  • Social Media Links – Social Media Links is not Active.
  • Owner Details – Not Found

Pros of Manpestore

  • Simple and simple layout design
  • The most fashionable fashions for women
  • Product description available
  • All orders are covered by the 30-day return and reimbursement policy.
  • A dedicated search bar is available on the homepage allows for quick navigation

Cons of Manpestore

  • No owner details found
  • There are no Manpestore Reviews
  • Not active on social media.
  • Domain age is not known.
  • There is no information regarding shipping costs.
  • No domain-based email id

Is Manpestore Legit or a Scam?

Without reading online reviews It will be difficult to determine the authenticity of the online store. Customers always read the reviews from former customers because it provides an impression of trustworthiness. We have discovered certain factors when we looked at the site, and we hope this will allow consumers to determine if it’s legitimate or just an elaborate scam.

  • There aren’t any Manpestore reviews available, which means that it isn’t possible to confirm whether it’s a legitimate website to shop.
  • There was no information available on the date of registration. We could not confirm what date the domain was first registered and also how old the website is.
  • The trust rating of the site is 25 percent, however it isn’t enough to prove its authenticity. Customers should conduct more research before making purchases.
  • The physical address is believed to be a single-family residence house, and not a shop.
  • The owner’s details were not disclosed and the website isn’t active on social media.

Based on these elements The store cannot be believed to be legitimate for online purchases.

What are the Manpestore Reviews?

As we mentioned before, after reviewing, we could not find any reviews, feedbacks, or online reviews. We are therefore unable to provide any information about the legitimacy of the website without reading and analyzing unbiased reviews written by consumers.

It is suggested that customers look up the internet for additional details and reviews in order to make the best purchase choice. Numerous online scams and frauds are happening and you need to be well-informed to recognize scams with PayPal..

Manpestore Reviews reviews of Manpestore are the most reliable method of determining if the site is genuine for buying or the next scam that you need to stay clear of.


Manpestore is claiming to be the latest fashion center on the internet. There are no reviews or comments that support these claims.

The store is a specialist in fashion for women clothes and claims to have the latest range of designer clothes and dresses. However, customers are advised to conduct proper research before purchasing anything after reading the impartial Manpestore reviews. This will assist you in avoiding frauds on the internet and credit Card frauds which are very common nowadays.