I’m sure that everyone has a dream of building their own family house by themselves and having a story to tell to their grandkids someday. We’ve got some tips for ones who are thinking of this way more seriously.

What to consider when building your own house?

The best thing, always, is to start from the beginning. The first necessary step to be able to build your own house is to choose the land on which you are going to build it. Many people tend to use land that they already own or have inherited, so for these people, there is no choice at this step. For the rest, those who also have to acquire the land, it is necessary to choose the site very well and to realize the budget that we have. An estimate could be to dedicate, at most, 50% of the total budget of the house to buy the land. Most of the people who dare with this type of project are millionaires or have won a lottery prize or something similar. If you want to try your luck in a casino, in Betting Offers Finder you will be able to find the sites with the best bonuses and promotions, the best way to opt for great prizes when playing in casinos and betting houses.

Once you have chosen the land, you have to contact engineers and architects to evaluate the land and help you design the house. The engineer will be in charge of telling you what you have to do to make the land suitable for construction. Once everything is done, we start with the fun part of building a house which is designing, and for that, we need the architect. If you have a clear idea of your dream house, don’t hesitate to communicate it to your architect, who will be in charge of turning your dreams into reality. You could think about designing your own house, but it is not as easy as it seems and as Tony Sloterman – the product owner of Casino Bonuses Finder Company says:  “If you ain’t qualified enough to do something – better hire a professional to do the thing. If your ego won’t let you do that, don’t complain about a terrible result”

As soon as the architect finishes the project, construction can begin. The builders will be in charge of creating the structure of the building and then plumbers, electricians, and all kinds of specialists will be in charge of bringing your house to life. Look carefully, at who you work with. It’s better to pay to a professional once when pay twice to fix a mess. Once everything is finished, you need to decorate your house. This is optional, but in case you are not sure what you want your house to look like, the best thing to do is to hire an interior designer, who will give you tips and advice on how you can arrange and decorate your house to make it look perfect. Many people, when designing their house, have already thought about what they want it to look like inside and usually skip the step of calling an interior designer. In this case, all you have to do is decorate the house and that’s it, ready for you to enjoy it!

Permits and certificates

In the previous section, we have skipped this more bureaucratic part of building your own house, but many permits are needed to carry out such a project. They are not usually very difficult to get, the only thing you need, usually, is to pay for them. Depending on the city or country, the rules may vary a bit, but as a general rule, if the location or the design of the house is not too strange, you should have no problem getting the permits to build your own house.

Disadvantages of building your own house

It is very common to think that the price is the main drawback, but let me tell you that this is not so. Depending on the area, building your own house is cheaper than buying an already built one, plus, you can be sure that all the people involved in the construction of your house are trustworthy and everything will be fine.

The only drawback of building your own house is time. You have to think that building your own house can take 1, 2 or even 3 years and in this time you have to be living somewhere else, as it is logical. This means that you will have to rent another house, live with friends or relatives during the time of the construction. This is a big disadvantage if you already have a family to take care of, that is to say, wife/husband, children, pets…that need stability. If you have a more or less ample budget and you don’t have a family or at least they accept the instability that comes with building a new house, go ahead, when you enter your new house for the first time you will realize that it was worth the wait.