A header pin is a widely used removable pin used mainly on the front of clothing. The name comes from its shape-head, or headpin similar to the shape of an arrow or spear point, to fix a needle at one end for sewing purposes and for button-holing through the fabric to make holes to sew on buttons or attach decorations, such as ribbons or flowers. The headpin is also known as a brooch and lock fastener.

Looking for the best wholesaler suppliers for header pins.

Below are things to consider when choosing header pin suppliers.

1. Reputation

The reputation of the header pin suppliers you want to work with is an essential factor to consider before commencing business. You must avoid fake ones or phony companies that only exist online but don’t have a physical office.

2. Company location

Before choosing a supplier, knowing where the company is based and operates is good. The company’s primary location should be somewhere you can easily access instead of being so far away in East Timor. 

3. Company category

Header pin suppliers should be from an export-oriented enterprise that adheres to ISO and manufacturing standards. They are usually part of an industry association.

4. Product quality

A header pin supplier that can provide high-quality products is worth working with. Ensure you get samples of a header pin before placing an order to check out the quality. A good supplier can produce a consistent size, shape, and color product. To ensure the consistency of the product, some suppliers will even take photos or videos when producing them for production review.

5. Delivery terms

The delivery terms of header pin suppliers should be flexible enough to coordinate with your production schedule. If the header pin is to be delivered monthly, ensure the supplier has enough stock.

6. Customization

The supplier should be able to customize your products according to your specifications, for example, size, color, packaging, and design. For instance, if you want the header pin supplied in plastic sleeve packaging, the supplier can do that for you as requested.

7. Price

Header pins suppliers have different price ranges since there are different quality ones available in the market. To ensure that you are paying a reasonable price, ask for previous customers’ prices and compare them with your budget.

8. Technological capability

If you are looking for a supplier to make new designs, you should find one with technological capabilities. Before choosing a supplier, visit its website and see what products they have been producing recently. The design of the header pin should be innovative and different from the ones already in the market.


Now that you know the things to consider when selecting header pin suppliers choose one that meets your needs. The choice of using a header pin comes in handy when it comes to setting up your apparel and accessories display. Primarily, it is widely used in handbags, pocketbooks, jackets, hats, and other products. When choosing a header pin supplier, identify the reason for choosing them.