A City with Beautiful Unique Accommodation

If you’re looking for places to stay in Australia, you’re probably stuck in an endless cycle of articles like this one. Where should you stay? How will you make the best of your time in the country? Even if you already live in Australia, you might be looking for domestic holidays that are worth your time. Whether an international or a domestic reader, there are so many reasons to stay in Hobart. 

For one thing, those who love food and drink when away from home (who doesn’t?) will be happy in Hobart. With some of the country’s top restaurants, you’ll find every style of food in Hobart. What’s more, you can take advantage of the delicious eateries on the waterfront. What better way to celebrate time away from all the stresses in life than with a stroll along the waterfront with delicious food. If you prefer authentic pubs to waterfront seafood, you’ll feel at home in Battery Point.

Furthermore, many people visit Hobart because of the atmosphere. As quite a small city, the fact that it’s overlooked by Mount Wellington is already enough to make you smile whenever you look at the surrounding landscape. However, this only gets better with the many events and festivals that take place throughout the calendar. Whether you like a Christmas festival or a yacht race, there’s something for everyone. 

Next, history lovers will appreciate the convict sites and similar locations. What’s more, the many tours mean that you can learn all about them from experienced professionals. Port Arthur has lots of stories in its walls and there’s no better way to learn them from a local passionate about the history of the region. 

Just in case this isn’t enough motivation to visit Hobart, the city is bursting with culture and art while the accommodation options are luxurious. You’ll find lots of high-quality museums, theatres, and hotels. Whether you’re a backpacker looking for cheap accommodation or on a romantic weekend away, you’ll find the right solution. 

Hotel Experience Like Nowhere Else

Hobart is known for its luxurious hotel stays, and nowhere exemplifies this more than the Henry Jones Art Hotel. In 2017, this hotel was the winner of an Australian Hotel of the Year award, and it’s not hard to see why after spending some time on the website (let alone actually visiting!). If you enjoy art and history, these two worlds collide in this particular hotel, the first dedicated art hotel in Australia. 

As well as stunning art pieces around the property, you will also enjoy several other amenities including a delightful spa, delicious eateries, and an Artist in Residence. Right on the waterfront, you’re in a prime location to explore Hobart while also being able to just stop and relax. You don’t need to seek peace and enjoyable experiences with this hotel because they’re all around you. 

In fact, the hotel even offers various experiences to guests. With 400 pieces of Tasmanian art proudly covering the walls of the hotel, just walking around the hotel is like having an art gallery in your home. If you spot one that you want to take home, inquire about it to a member of staff because each piece is available for purchase. 

Whether you choose the Henry Jones Art Hotel or another, there are unique hotel experiences aplenty in Hobart. Once you pair this with all the other benefits of staying in the area, you’ll create a holiday that you won’t forget for a long time!