Online Casino Singapore Don99 is quite famous in the Singapore market and always has a sustainable foothold in the Singapore market. Rated as one of the leading reputable Web sites in Vietnam, Don99 has recently encountered rumors of scams and bets of players. This information is completely untrue and has affected the reputation of the Don99 Web site. The following article will give you an overview of this prestigious Web site.

Scam rumors about website Don99

According to the website’s investigation, the Don99 scam rumors are rampant on blogs, discredited forums and social networks with various misrepresentations. These scam rumors do not come from players nor are they evaluated by experts. Some rumors about the Web site are not true such as:

Players cannot withdraw their winnings when playing online predictions at Don99.

When the bet is won, the player will receive a certain amount of bonus, the higher the bet, the bigger the bonus. However, some people proceed to withdraw money to the account but the transaction is not processed successfully.

Don99 scam through promotions

Some people think that the Don99 Web site scams through promotions. When they deposit and register to receive the bonus according to the promotion event, it is not possible to withdraw that amount to the account.

Player blocked, locked account for unknown reason

There are also some rumors about players being blocked from accessing the main website of the Don99 Web site, having their accounts locked for no reason, without warning.

A series of untrue rumors are widely spread on websites of unknown origin, on disreputable forums. That has greatly affected the reputation of the Don99 Web site. However, that does not mean that the number of players at Don99 has decreased. Many bettors still believe absolutely and choose Don99 as the place to send their passion for prediction.

Don99 corrects fraudulent information

After learning about scam rumors about Don99, the website would like to confirm that the above information is completely untrue. Online prediction players at the Don99 Web site encounter the above problems in part due to the following reasons;

Players cannot withdraw their winnings when playing online predictions at Don99.

When this problem is encountered, the player does not follow the correct process of withdrawing money to the account, so the new transaction is not processed. And if you have followed the correct procedure of the transaction steps but still not successful. Please contact the support hotline of the website Don99 for advice.

Players cannot withdraw bonuses through promotional events.

This is not due to the Don99 fraudulent Web site, but because players have not carefully read the website’s regulations. In order to withdraw the bonus amount through the account promotions, the player must have reached the required number of rounds as specified by the Website. Depending on the promotion, the number of betting rounds varies. If the number of betting rounds is not met, the player will not be able to withdraw the bonus money to the account.

Player is locked account, blocked access

In case players are locked out of their accounts, blocking access is a common problem for many Web sites today. In this case, players only need to change their IP address or DNS. If at the moment there are too many visits to the Web site at the same time, the player can stop for about 15 minutes and then visit the main website of the Web site again. If not, you can access it using the extra link that the Web site provides.

In addition to the incidents that cause misunderstandings for the Web, there is a very common reason that most new Web sites are entangled with fraudulent rumors. It is the fierce competition in the market of Web sites that many Web sites have deliberately faked to spread rumors to lower the reputation and quality of competitors.

Therefore, when players want to choose a Web site where they can send their passion for online predictions, players need to carefully consider those Web sites through the actual feedback of members that they have. the Web site is owned. Players should not listen to false rumors that misjudge any Web site.


Through the article shared above, surely readers have firm beliefs about the Don99 Web site. Are you ready to become a member of the Don99 Web site? If you haven’t experienced it yet, what are you waiting for? Wish you have a wonderful experience at Don99.