Idealo is one of the main purchasing and assessment structures in Germany and additionally in many different European countries. In 2000 they commenced with a mission to assist their customers to make the first-rate feasible buy decisions. Today, with 1.9 million visits per day, around 50,000 stores, and over 400 million offers, they are one of the most famous German e-commerce websites. They are additionally profitable internationally, as a rate evaluation they are presently represented in six European countries.

idealo is a Berlin success story, proper in the right of the heart of the capital and one of the most modern-day workplace constructions in Europe, around 1,100 personnel from forty international locations work on the future of online shopping. They matter on quick and honest work, sustainability, and a healthful relationship between work and non-public life.

Their promise to the customers


A top placement can’t be sold at idealo. Any store can come first with the most inexpensive price. All companions are checked for seriousness, offense elements, and credit score worthiness.


They don’t sell anything, but rather they inform customers about the products and offers in online retail. At idealo, everyone can get satisfactory advice without being pushed to buy.


They help their users to better understand the often obscure online trade. The use of idealo is absolutely free of charge for all consumers.

Why choose the idealo?

Transparency for you

It is vital to them that you constantly have a proper feeling when shopping. Their job is to create transparency for you amongst thousands and thousands of online offers. They desire to allow you to determine what you honestly want and to make a satisfactory buy selection for you. Their biggest problem is to assist you shop. They do not have to promote you something and they do not have a warehouse that wants to be emptied. Therefore they continually recommend you objectively. Incidentally, the sellers listed with them pay a small charge for Idealo’s service. The use of idealo is free of cost for you. That has continually been the case and it will continue to be so.

Limitless possibilities

Over 350 million gives from around 50,000 shops in their fee evaluation imply for you a complete overview of the market. No rely upon what you are searching for, they have decided it at the first-rate price. Comprehensive filter and sorting features assist you to locate your non-public offer. Test reports, personal opinions, and their recommendation texts will assist you with the buy decision. Notepad, charge alarm clock, and idealo direct buy make affordable purchasing convenient. You figure out what you choose to purchase and from whom. You can use their app on the go.

Stress-free shopping

Before they put gives online, they take a look at the dealer. This capability that now not all sellers in Germany are listed in their charge search engine, solely those who have signed a contract with them. So you do not have to fear matters like availability and delivery. They will do that and exhibit you the entirety in compact rate comparison. If you nevertheless have any questions, please ship them an email and if something goes wrong, they are positive to discover a solution. They are there for you Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on the weekend from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


They are absolutely right at what they do and they hold awards for their reliability and service. In addition, TÜV Saarland used to be the first charge contrast to award them and the “tested assessment portal” seal for transparency, up-to-dateness, records safety, and excellent (04/2016). They are very thrilled that the TÜV has licensed their work as a charge comparison. That would not trade the truth that over 800 personnel work each day to make your buying easy, worry-free, and secure for you and to always improve idealo.

Idealo’s other services

idealo Shopping

Founded in 2000, idealo is now one of the greatest purchasing and contrast structures in Germany with over 30 million site visitors a month. On idealo, their customers can examine greater than 400 million presents and order merchandise without delay the usage of the “For Sale” function.

idealo flight

Idealo Flug is the contemporary DtGV check winner amongst the flight rate search engines and No. 1 in the rate & charge transparency category. With 50 million flights provides every day, customers have got right of entry to to a large decision of offers.

idealo hotel

They have been imparting their lodge fee evaluation for the reason that 2012. Their customers can pick out from 300 million hotels, vacation flats, and excursion houses around the world.

idealo International

With their rate comparison, they are no longer solely represented in Germany, however additionally in 5 different European countries. In France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, and Spain they have a complete of greater than 10 million traffic inner a month.