Did you know that almost 1.6 million Americans live, permanently, without decent indoor plumbing or hot water?

A water heater is vital to every home. Without hot water, almost everybody will find it hard to function correctly. A broken water heater can happen at any time, and Murphy’s law dictates that it will happen in the dead of winter and leave you stranded.

Don’t worry, as a defect on a broken water heater will start appearing slowly, and you can catch it before it completely fails. If you are battling with your water heater, calling a professional is highly recommended. Below are a few things you can try first!

No Hot Water in the House

The most frequent water heater complaint is the absence of hot water throughout the house. This typically means that the gas burner or electric heating elements of the water heater are not generating heat.

Check each hot water faucet and fixture in your home to be sure there is no hot water everywhere.

Then, check the functionality of the home’s other gas appliances, such as the gas range and furnace. Call the gas company if they are not working; your home’s gas supply might have been cut off.

Next, touch the hot water output pipe above the water heater and the temperature-pressure relief valve.

Double Make Sure!

Your water heater is probably operating if it feels warm. There could be a blockage in hot water pipes between the water heater and the fixtures. In fact, if the water heater had ceased working within the previous three or four hours, the temperature-pressure valve or pipe might still be warm since the water within would still be retaining some heat.

If the pipes and valve are cold, the water hasn’t been operating for several hours. At this time, it would be better to get a professional in like toddswaterheaterrepair.com to diagnose further.

How to Re-Ignite a Gas Heater

If your home is powered by a gas water heater, the problem is often that the pilot light inside the heater is extinguished. This can be caused by a gas supply interruption, a gas valve being accidentally turned off, or a gust of wind blowing the flame out.

Look inside the heater; if you can’t see a little flame, do the following:

  1. Turn off the gas shut-off valve
  2. Wait for 5 minutes
  3. Open the access cover
  4. Turn the gas valve onto the pilot setting
  5. Push down the knob to start the gas flow
  6. Use a long lighter to reach in and ignite the pilot flame
  7. Hold the know down for a minute, then release it
  8. Turn the gas valve into the on position and refit the access cover

Don’t Let a Broken Water Heater Break Your Heart!

Not having hot water in the home is probably one of the most unpleasant home issues to have, and if it’s as simple as a broken water heater, then you should get right to fixing that problem!

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