The PDF file format remains ideal for sending, storing, and receiving files because of its compatibility with browsers, devices including Mac, and operating systems, among other numerous advantages. And since it is the favorite file format for delivering documents through electronic devices attached as mail, PDFs must be compressed before sending.

PDFs are designed to carry information, and the option of reducing their size without damaging the content makes them more efficient in many ways. When you reduce PDF file size on Mac, it will occupy less space and become highly optimized for SEO. So, this study aims to show Mac users how they can reduce PDF file size on Mac.

To explain it, I will choose the FormatPDF website. It is one of the compressing tools we use the most for compressing PDFs in the cloud in a quick and flawless conversion process. So, we will show quick steps you can take to reduce PDF file size on Mac.

 How to Reduce A PDF File Size on Mac

Compressing PDF on Mac has been simplified. It is as easy as opening the Compress PDF tool and selecting the PDF file you want to compress on your Mac, then watch your PDF file size reduce instantly.

To compress a PDF on Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Select PDF file” icon that pops up when you go to the Compress PDF function, or you can drag and drop the PDF file into the area surrounded by a dashed line area.
  2. Once you have successfully uploaded your target file, you will be shown three options for compression on the right of the page 
  1. Maximum compression.
  2. Recommended compression.
  3. Low compression.
  1. Choose one of these options, but keep in mind that the stronger the compression, the less file quality produced. The one you choose will be highlighted in green, then click the red button captioned “Compress PDF.”
  2. Finally, click “Download PDF” to save your reduced PDF to your Mac.

It is as simple as this. Yes, these are the only steps involved to reduce PDF file size on Mac.

Benefits of Compressing a PDF on Mac Online

Easy and Swift Compression

Compressing a PDF on Mac online is easy and swift, as outlined above. Just select the tool, choose the file, and compress; finish! It is an easy process, just like uploading a document with one click of a button, and once it is done, your compressed PDF is saved to your Mac.

Completely Online

One of the best things about this is that it is totally online, and there would be any need to install any program on your Mac. In addition to the convenience, think of all the hard disk space you will save from not downloading endless compressor apps to your device when you can do it better and safer using a tested and trusted compressor.


The online compressor tool is entirely secure. Moreover, working online without installing apps to your device mitigates the risk of your device being exposed to a virus attack.

In addition, the online platform is fully protected, and privacy is ensured at all times. So, with this PDF compressor tool, you are guaranteed optimum results.

Compress PDF Files on Every Device and in Batch

Compressing your PDF on every device regardless of the operating system is a massive advantage of using an online compressor tool, and it can be done in batches too. Yes, you can convert multiple PDF files in a flash and do this from any device without a difference in output.

Frequently Asked Questions About Compressing A PDF on Mac

If there are things you need to know regarding reducing PDF file size on Mac, we will attempt to capture them and offer some clarity by answering a few of the frequently asked questions.

Is the Document’s Quality Reduced After Compression?

A typical thought process is that the quality is reduced when a PDF is optimized on Mac or any device. The truth is that two kinds of compression exist, the lossy compression and the lossless compression, and choosing the lossless compression will give you a reduced PDF file size with no loss in quality.

The compressor achieves this by looking for and fishing out repeating patterns in your original document.

Is the Size Reduction Percentage of An Online PDF Always the Same?

No, the percentage reduction is not always the same. Depending on the PDF type, the percentage will be greater or lesser. As mentioned earlier, to compress a PDF, the tool searches for repeating patterns, and thus the resulting decrease in PDF size will depend on pattern similarities within the document

Is a Decompression App Necessary?

No! The compression process only removes unnecessary parts within your PDF to put it in optimal shape for transport and delivery. The final compressed PDF file will still be your original document, but in a better and more practical form with a lot of advantages, so there will be no need for a decompressor.

Are Compressed PDFs Stored in A Cloud?

They are not stored in the Cloud, they are deleted from the platform servers as soon as the compression is complete, and you have downloaded your compressed file to your Mac. You can also check out the Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions on the page to clarify the security of your PDF files.

Can I Compress Several PDFs Together and At the Same Time?

Absolutely! One of the best things online tools offers is the ability to convert several PDFs simultaneously. Yes, the online tool allows you to upload and compress several PDFs simultaneously, and at the end of compression, you will choose if you want to download the files separately or together in a ZIP file.

In conclusion, PDF compression, especially on Mac, offers many benefits, including optimizing the file for speed, size, storage, retrieval, etc. And because of the popularity of PDF, some elements in a PDF file can quickly cause it to blow up in size, but thanks to online compressor tools like the one shown in this article, PDF size will no longer be an obstacle to users.