If you know your sun sign, you know everything you need to read most daily horoscopes. Should you want to bring more aspects of your birth chart to bear on your interpretation of a relationship or life situation, it can be helpful to get a reading from a psychic who specializes in astrology. Here are a few basic astrological principles to help you gain greater understanding from reading your horoscope.

What Is A Horoscope?

The term “horoscope” describes an astrological chart or diagram that represents the position of the celestial bodies at the time of an event. The term is commonly used to refer to interpretations of the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets along with angles and aspects at different points in time. 

Horoscopes can be used to gain insight into the astrological influences that are in effect at a particular time in a particular place. When you see horoscopes on the internet or in publications, these predictive explanations are written by astrologers based on their interpretations of astrological charts. A psychic who specializes in astrology can interpret natal charts and other types of charts or celestial maps.  

How A Professional Psychic Can Help You Learn About Your Horoscope

A psychic who is a skilled astrology chart reader can help you decipher your birth chart and determine the influences that are currently in play based on the positions of celestial objects in the sky. Your birth chart is a horoscope based on the date, time and location of your birth and does not change. 

Horoscopes that have a daily, weekly, monthly or annual timeframe must account for the position of the Earth relative to the Sun, Moon and planets. Aspects and angles have important implications for horoscopes for events or time frames, just as they do in natal charts. Professional psychics can help you draw connections between the different types of horoscopes used for divination.

How To Better Understand Your Horoscope

Having a deeper understanding of the meaning of your sun, moon and ascendant signs can deepen your understanding of horoscopes. You will need to know your date, time and location of birth in order to determine your moon and ascendant signs. Your moon sign can reveal your inner personality and emotions, while your ascendant or rising sign accounts for developments over the course of your life path. 

Horoscopes can be difficult to interpret without extensive astrological training. One of the best reasons to consider online medium readings is the opportunity to gain insight from a professional psychic who specializes in daily tarot reading, astrology reading, numerology, or any other divination systems to which you would like to refer for insight.

Knowing your sun sign, which is based on your birthday, is all you need to read most published horoscopes. More knowledge about your astrology birth chart can enable you to factor in your moon and ascendant signs when reading horoscopes. Psychics who specialize in astrology can go beyond the general observations set forth in most published horoscopes to provide more specific astrological insight about your current situation, life path or destiny.