Faced with a difficult situation, when an old relative is bedridden due to illness or injury, the family is sometimes lost, and, in search of the best doctors and miraculous drugs, forgets that bolstering the morale of the patient and his psychological state is no less important in the process of recovery and rehabilitation.

An important factor influencing the mood of the patient is the environment around him, as well as a comfortable stay in the room where he will return after the hospital. By the time of discharge, all recommendations for preparing and equipping the room must be implemented so as not to disturb the old person once again when he is already at home. In this article, we will discuss how to prepare a room for a bedridden patient before getting senior home care in Nassau County. 

General recommendations for preparing a room for a bedridden person

The room of a bedridden person should not cause him negative emotions, a feeling of closed space, a feeling of discomfort, and fear. The environment, along with therapy, should be conducive to recovery and form a positive attitude. Good lighting, fresh air, bright wallpaper, cleanliness, and order will give a feeling of comfort and peace. 

Do not overload the room with furniture, this will further facilitate the cleaning process, which should be carried out regularly. Remove carpets from the floor, if they are laid, they are more likely to collect dust and debris. Remove thick curtains and install blinds on the windows instead. With their help, it will be possible to adjust the level of illumination in the room, based on the needs of the patient. Ventilate the room daily, but make sure that a relative is not in a draft.

It is better to place the bed so that the bedridden patient can see the door to the room and the people entering it. Near the bed, there must be a bedside table with items that are used daily. It can be a phone, water, napkins, a book, and other things your relative needs. It is also worth paying attention to the soundproofing in the room. Extraneous sounds and conversations coming from neighboring rooms may cause inconvenience to an old relative.

Specialized medical beds

When choosing a bed for a bedridden person, it is important to remember that he will be in it 24 hours a day. It should be comfortable and multifunctional. It is best to purchase a medical bed. Such a bed will be more comfortable not only for the patient but also for relatives, for whom specialized mechanisms will facilitate the process of servicing the person.

Medical beds are divided according to the type of drive into mechanical and electrically driven. The bed of the first type works on the principle of a clamshell – you can only change the position of the sections in it manually, the second type of bed works from the control panel, from which all adjustments are made. This is the most budget option with a large set of functions. An electric bed will cost more, but its advantage is that the patient himself will be able to control the lifting mechanisms using the remote control.

Functional beds also differ in the number of adjustable sections in them:

  1. Adjustment of one section allows you to raise the head and shoulders of a bedridden person. This will relieve him of pain in the cervical region and facilitate the process of eating.
  2. On a two-section bed, the position of not only the head but also the legs changes. Such an adjustment is needed for injuries of the lower extremities.
  3. Beds with 3 and 4 sections allow you to change the position of almost the entire body, here the adjustment of the section in the hip area is added, and the bedridden person has the opportunity to choose a comfortable position for himself.

Anti-decubitus mattresses

The next step in preparing the room is choosing an anti-decubitus mattress. In the process of use, it helps to reduce the pressure exerted on the body, normalizes blood flow, relaxes muscles, and as a result, fights against the appearance of pressure sores. It is important to choose it correctly if you want the mattress to perform its function 100%. Moreover, you have to buy it only after consulting with a patient’s doctor.

According to indications and action, anti-decubitus mattresses are divided into static and dynamic.

Static, or otherwise autonomous mattresses, are more like orthopedic mattresses we are used to, they are motionless. They fight against the appearance of bedsores due to their structure. This mattress focuses on even weight distribution, adapting to the shape of the body. This type of mattress is more suitable for patients with limited mobility who have bed rest, but who still can sometimes get up and walk on their own.

Dynamic mattresses are completely different from static mattresses due to their special design. Inside they have hollow sections, where air enters with the help of a compressor, due to which it is in constant motion, providing a massage effect and anti-decubitus effect. These mattresses are recommended for those who do not get out of bed at all.

According to the type of construction, dynamic mattresses are divided into cellular and tubular. In a cellular mattress, the air sections are made in the form of small cells resembling honeycombs. This type of mattress is suitable for bedridden patients weighing up to 264 lb. People from 264 lb are recommended to use tubular mattresses. Inside they have a structure of transverse cylinders made in the form of a cylinder, which is alternately inflated with a compressor. This type of mattress helps fight moderate and severe bedsores.

Toilet of a bedridden patient

Bedridden patients who have partially preserved motor activity and who can sit on their own can use a toilet chair. It is a chair-type device with a removable reservoir. 

For more severe patients, devices that allow people to go to the toilet in a horizontal position are suitable. The simplest and most common of them is a urine bag. There are rubber, plastic, and metal. The choice in favor of one of them is made based on the weight and complexion of the sick person. Adult diapers serve as an alternative to the urine bag.

Final thoughts

Before you invite a nurse to a bedridden patient, you need to prepare a room and a bed for the patient. If you understand that you do not have enough time, energy, or skills to make the life of a sick relative comfortable, specialists of Galaxy Home Care will help you in a difficult situation. The company has the necessary knowledge, equipment, and capabilities to provide high-quality services to customers.