Hyperbaric chamber therapy is a treatment recommended to people suffering from a variety of medical conditions. These conditions include gas embolism, DCI, skin graft, bone marrow infection, cancer issues, radiation injury, soft tissue infection, brain infection, burns, sinus, etc. the oxygen therapy increases oxygen in your body, helping it to repair tissues faster that eventually increases the pace of healing. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is commonly recommended by doctors after studying your case. So, if your doctor just recommended you, some preparation tips may be useful for you. 

Tips to prep up for the therapy

Though there is not much that is to be done in hyperbaric oxygen therapy is, you just have to lay down in the chamber and the machine does its bi. But, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind to prepare for the treatment. Go well prepared with the following tips. 

Avoid the therapy if you are sick

if you are sick, there is no point in going for hyperbaric therapy. Of course, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is opted to cure certain ailments but we are talking about other problems that make a person sick. This includes issues like cold, cough fever, and others. If you go while suffering from these, the entire procedure will be delayed. Let’s assume that you are suffering from a cold. In this case, you cannot have the therapy is because of the inability to breathe properly.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy requires you to breathe slow but long breaths. With that being a problem, your therapy will just go in vein as you won’t be able to breathe pressure pure oxygen. Thus, make sure that you are fit and fine before going for therapy.

Exploring hyperbaric chamber options? Consider factors like quality, features, and safety in relation to the hyperbaric chamber price to make an informed investment in your health and well-being.

Avoid certain medications

Then comes the medications that you are consuming daily. Well, you might have to avoid certain medications when prepping up for the hyperbaric oxygen treatment like the medication taken to limit alcohol. That is because hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy is known to change the effects of certain medications. Thus, there can be several ill effects of the medications on your body or the medicine may not even work. Thus, it is very important that you cross-check with your doctor if you can continue the prescribed medicines along with this treatment or should discontinue it for some time. 

Be ready to spend hours

Another step of preparations involve that you should be clear of what to expect there. The therapy takes roughly two hours to complete. Keep in mind that your doctor will prescribe you therapy till the treatment is done properly. How many treatments you receive is determined by how rapidly your disease improves. As a result, be prepared that you might be there for some time. Despite the fact that the real therapeutic time is around 110 minutes. However, depending on the patient’s condition, it may be exceeded as well. 

Hope these preparation tips help you prepare better for the treatment so that everything goes well with your treatment.