Breakfast is the most important meal of the day to boost your energy. Instead of high-sugar cereals or mueslis, there are various nutritious choices to start your day. Follow our instructions below for a quick and healthy first meal of the day! 

How much food should you take in?

This is the most important factor. Only good ingredients can make a good dish. After 8 hours of sleeping, our bodies immediately ask for calories. But you have to be careful to not overeat too early, which actually will harm our stomach. Therefore, the amount of each food should be limited to when you feel just right. Do not try to force yourself to finish the whole plate, but do not starve yourself either.

What food is needed?

What food is needed

This is just as important as the amount. Water is a must, otherwise a long back coffee could also boost your mood and dehydrate you. Drinking milk is not really recommended since milk needs a period of time to be digested despite being a liquid. Non-sugar juice is also a great choice.

Other nutrients that are vital include protein, carbs, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals. A healthy carb source could be oat or whole grain bread. If you are on a diet, low-calorie honey would be a great substitute for sweetened syrup and jam. The most ideal protein source is egg. You can either scramble, fry, boil or poach. Bacons and sausages should be produced as much as possible for the high trans fat in those foods. Furthermore, you should definitely add more vegetables and fruits to your breakfast. A salad will help you feel fresh and ready for a long day. 

How many times should you spend?

should you spend

It will take you 30 minutes to an hour to prepare and enjoy your meal. While eating, you can check the mail or read entertainment news on your phone. To shorten this period, you can definitely prepare from the previous night. You can sort out which foods you might need in the morning and leave them to the side. Then when you wake up, you might easily get them quickly. You may also prepare the vegetables which are kinda time-consuming by washing, cutting and putting them in a bowl. Then, the salad is already made. 

When in a rush, a smoothie might be a great choice. All you need to do is to put the oat, water, fruits, kale or spinach, some ice cubes and boiled chicken breast or whey powder in a blender. In a few seconds, a healthy and balanced breakfast is ready. This will only take you 1 to 2 minutes to drink and is going to keep you full for the whole morning. 

Lastly, keeping smiling and staying out of stress would be the last advice to maintain a happy life. You might want to visit to entertain with funny animal stories, memes and updates on celebrities. 

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