Writing Skills in English require careful attention and practice because what is written with a pen cannot be cut with an ax. Although it is easier to write a letter than to express your thoughts orally, because you have time to think, think, and “Google” the necessary information. Today we’re going to look at a few steps on how to become a qualified college essay writer and improve your writing skills. These steps are so simple that they are easy to do but easy NOT to do, and only the person who DOES follow them will get results.

1. Rewrite.

Rewrite texts or dialogues at your level. Just start by rewriting a text you recently read in class. This will help you better learn new vocabulary, new grammatical structures, and reinforce old ones. It will improve your spelling and allow you to remember repetitive structures easily.

2. Write Dictations.

You’ll need help here from your friend, who might also want to improve their writing skills. Ask them to dictate a text or dialogue that you’ve recently just rewritten or another text that you’re hearing for the first time. In this activity, you can practice not only your writing skills but also your listening skills.

3. Just Write.

After you’ve practiced the previous tasks enough times, it’s time to write your texts. Again, you can agree with a friend to text or email each other in English about how your day went, or what news you heard today, or what you cooked today. In this task, you need to have a command of grammatical structures and a certain stock of words, which you have acquired simply by rewriting texts. At the initial stages, you can write dialogues based on the dialogues you have rewritten in the past. Then you can already create your own “masterpieces” in English. To save you the hassle of researching topics, the British Council offers practical exercises appropriate to your level that you can use to improve your writing skills learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org.

4. Check.

 Be sure to check your texts. You can ask someone for help. If you don’t have anyone, we want to offer such service for free: grammarly.com

5. Make mistakes.

 Don’t be afraid to make mistakes while writing. Making mistakes is essential to improving your writing skills. I don’t know anyone who could achieve excellence in anything without making mistakes. The other question is how well you work on the mistakes and analyze the mistakes so that you don’t make them in the future. Still, be prepared that there will be mistakes. Just take them as one of the conditions for improving your writing skills, and as you work through your error analysis, try not to make any more of them.

To summarize, there is no “magic pill” that will improve your writing skills. Make new acquaintances with foreign friends, communicate with them, correspond with them, and practice, practice, practice a lot.