How to enjoy a boat party, having a lot of fun but always in maximum safety. Those who have participated in one of these surely remember it; those who have not yet done so a dream of it. Because a party in the middle of the sea has that extra flavor that the mainland can never give to a moment of joy and fun, original and unforgettable.

Maximum attention, however, to the safety of the crew, guests, and the boat. Never forget that you are in the water and that the unexpected, if not the accident, are always around the corner, and they must remain there. So how do you ensure that only the magic of that evening spent on board remains imprinted?

We at have prepared some helpful tips to make the most of the fun while sailing and still in the harbor.

In the first place: never offer alcohol to the captain

In most places in the world, it is not forbidden to keep alcohol on a boat and drink on board, but everywhere it is not permitted to fly under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and any substance that alters the level of attention.

Even at sea, alcohol is a significant cause of port accidents. Moreover, in the case of rental of the boat, for damage caused by the abuse of alcohol, the deposit will be lost. In any case, the captain must never, ever take alcohol, having responsibility for the boat and all the people on board.

As a recommendation, we tell you that if you want to indulge in all forms of entertainment on board, including alcohol consumption, renting a boat with a professional skipper is best. As long as he is willing to take over a group of “revelers.” This service is available in most nautical destinations: from the Mediterranean to the Canary Islands, Thailand to the Caribbean, and Seychelles.

Second advice: choose the crew members well

The crew, especially those destined to take care of people ready to party, must be made up of people of excellent reliability and professionalism. To understand each other, women and men can handle an emergency and be serious when interacting with guests and performing the usual maintenance operations on board. Therefore, involving the crew in planning the daily schedule is good practice.

Another tip: be respectful of the neighbors in the harbor

Never forget that the boats are moored together in the piers. Maybe your neighbors need more rest than you do before leaving or have children resting in their cabins.

There is a sort of port etiquette: if it is necessary to get on board another boat to get to the mainland, ask permission from its captain, passing only in the bow and avoiding the cockpit, which is a private area. Never forget to politely greet the people on board at that time.

Some rules for a fun and safe boat party

  • Never drink while piloting (15% of boating accidents are caused by alcohol);
  • always check the weather forecast before setting sail (as soon as you feel a change for the worse, immediately go back to the port without fear of ruining the party on board);
  • better if the party is held at anchor, at the buoy, or in port (in this case, the captain has the duty to carefully monitor everything around him);
  • if you are sailing, it is good to keep a steady course at adequate speed (avoid sharp turns or accelerations that lead to someone falling overboard);
  • all crew members must wear life jackets;
  • let everyone know in advance the rules for navigating safely;
  • forbid jumping into the water and swimming at night;
  • use sunscreen during the day;
  • hydrate and eat light;
  • always keep a first aid kit on board.