Army challenge coins have become a phenomenon in Army union lovers. These coins can serve as a tribute to the history and achievements of a unit and a display that implies collective pride. This article highlights how to design your own army challenge coins and how GS-JJ can help you.  To understand army challenge coins, you must first understand what they are.

Challenge coins for the Army? What are these coins?

In terms of size, the US Army is among the largest in the world. Various achievements have been made and special coins were made to celebrate these achievements. The US Army is the main inspiration for challenge coins and with a function similar to military medals, they are usually made to reward certain achievements such as rank promotions or the completion of certain military exercises.

Under what circumstances are army challenge coins needed?

As discussed above, army challenge coins were created to celebrate “certain achievements” which of course relate to the military world, especially the United States Army. Military enthusiasts are everywhere and their number is growing day by day. Most of them think that the best way to celebrate certain moments is to give out army challenge coins. Keep in mind that army challenge coins don’t necessarily have to do with the “military world.” The coins can also be made to celebrate important moments in the police or even scout community.

How to customize army challenge coins?

Everyone can choose their own design but for reasons of practicality and lack of experience, a professional designer is needed in many situations. There are many design options for customizing army challenge coins and for those who have a limited budget for such customization, the GS-JJ professional design team can be relied on. They can even help design army challenge coins or police challenge coins for free!


How to?

In general, GS-JJ provides two kinds of order processing; Automated Quotation System and Online Design System. There are at least a few steps to place a custom order by GS-JJ Automated Quotation System:

1. You have to choose the style of your product. The Automated Quotation System can be utilized to select your custom product style. The quotation system used by GS-JJ can be adapted to various needs and budgets. The image below can explain the process:

2. Enhance your profile by filling in all your contact details and the requirements you want for your design. GS-JJ will respond within a maximum of 12 hours with free digital evidence.

3. Revise the design of your coins if you find errors. Don’t worry! If you want to request revisions, you don’t have to pay.

4. Once you are satisfied with the design of your coins, it is time to place an order. Delivery is of course guaranteed on time and free.

As for using the Online Design System, you must go through the following steps:

1. You can directly use the GS-JJ online design system which has been designed to have various elements of the arrangement.

2. Fill in your contact details and your requirements for the coin design. The response will be given within a maximum of 12 hours.

3. Confirm all booking information you made.

4. Negotiate production and delivery schedules.

The following picture is the order flow through the GS-JJ Online Design System:

How to design your army challenge coins?

First of all, you have to choose a design style that suits your needs or in this case, the traditions of your troops. You can get some inspiration from the army you belong to, or from the history of the army you like and some army customs. This way you can add some important elements such as logos, seals, and mottos that symbolize your troops’ determination in their history.

The second step is to select several options such as coating options and side options.

The third step is to choose a suitable coin size. GS-JJ provides coin sizes from 1.5 inches and above but so far the majority of the coins they produce are 2 inches. You can consider that fact in designing your coin. By choosing the right coin size you will have no trouble carrying your coins with you wherever you go. You can keep it in your wallet without any hassle. In case you just want to hang it on your living room wall, it is highly recommended to choose coins that are 3 inches and above.

A little bit about GS-JJ

With more than 20 years of experience in army challenge coin manufacturing, GS-JJ is a well-known company. The company was able to produce Army Challenge Coins that met many requirements, more than other similar companies could. Many aspects are usually included in the creation of army challenge coins and each of them can be accommodated well by GS-JJ.

GS-JJ has many advantages and one of them is that the company offers very low custom army coin prices without compromising on quality. Not only that, but GS-JJ also provides free services in the design and modification stages of challenge coins. If that wasn’t enough, all coins ordered in bulk can be shipped via air transport for free.

GS-JJ is always committed to providing the best service for every customer. You can contact them to find out the best deals today. You can simply fill out the automatic quote system, do your own template selection and design on their design page, if you need free design services or need to know more information such as having them show you your favorite army challenge coin designs Contact details for phone and email contact can be found on their website.

A unit or squad is a collection of people with similar interests and tasks. Their cohesiveness and sense of belonging were the reasons they stayed together even after they were no longer in the ministry. The creation of a challenge coin that conveys the spirit of the troops is a way to commemorate the heroism and sacrifices they have gone through together as a group of individuals. Challenge coins, whatever their designation, are one of the best ways to show pride, respect, and relive memories that are too expensive to forget. And when it comes to designing and producing challenge coins, there is no more competent partner than GS-JJ!