The house demolition contractors in Melbourne look at various factors while planning to demolish a house in order to choose the best method. There are several demolition processes that vary from gradual dismantling to methods of implosion depending on the structure and location of your building. It is quite essential to look into the safety aspect and ensure that you use an appropriate method for demolition.

 While a bigger structure may require explosives for demolition, an excavator would be a perfect equipment for your home. The process of house demolition through an excavator is termed as mechanical demolition which is considered to be safe and quick. However, it is essential to consider whether the structure of your building is suitable for an excavator or not. And once the demolition is over, make sure you hire a Dumpster Rental Montgomery County to pick up all the rubbish the same day as you call them.

This process requires highly skilled operators and workers to make sure that the demolition takes place smoothly. For this, you need to hire a professional demolition company to get the jobs done like planning the pre-demolition process, opting for the correct process and getting the necessary permits. 

Excavator demolition: 

  • An excavator could be quite useful and convenient to dismantle a building that is not very huge. However, you may require heavy duty excavators if the structure is very large and made up of concrete or steel. 
  • A high reach excavator would be great for a tall structure as they are considered to be safer and more efficient. This is a cleaner process as it leads to less amount of flying debris and dirt. 
  • This process includes demolishing the building with the attachments that are connected with the excavator such as hydraulic hammers, crushers and shears. 
  • The excavator tears down the building from the top after which the ground crew reduces the debris to rubble with the help of crushers and hammers.
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Now, let’s have a closer look at five of the most commonly used excavator methods below: 

  1. Hydraulic demolition excavator: this method of excavator demolition, also known as demolition bucket and hook takes place through;
  • pushing or by weighing down the structure.
  • Traction that is pulling on the construction
  • Through shock that is by hitting the construction in order to shaken the structure which in turn makes the demolition process easy.
  1. Bucket demolition excavator which is for low buildings: this process involves the usage of a bucket to dismantle a low building that has low tensile strength. A point correlated to the center of gravity of the building must be selected for demolition as:
  • It would restrict the height of the parts that are supposed to be demolished.
  • It would ensure that the driver doesn’t receive any bubbles.

The bucket which is used for this demolition process due to it’s wear resistance is called a ‘rock bucket’. It is specially created for demolition that is mounted on a demolition arm. This process of demolition is best suited for masonry building, cinder blocks, bricks, etc which allows the construction to be loaded into a rubble. 

  1. Hook demolition excavator for secondary demolitions: the secondary demolition takes place through a hydraulic excavator which consists of a concrete hook. They look like giant pliers which are used to deal with the fallen elements after the first demolition takes place like;
  • Blocks which fall to the ground.
  • To separate concrete and scrap metal.
  • This process helps to sort the materials through separation of elements which facilitates transport and recycling 
  • Hook excavators are lightweight and compact.
  • Some of these hooks have a booster to enable fast execution.
  • Eventhough, they are quite useful for separation and sorting however, not for demolition.
  1. Other demolition excavator options:

Some devices are built with useful options:

  • Fog makers attached to the lifting arm- this device helps to prevent any dirt and allows you to work safely that provides access to a clear of the building which has to be demolished. 
  • Dust collector: best to use in the areas where dust has to be avoided. 
  • Noise damper (cover, foam, etc.)- suitably used in areas which are close to your homes.
  1. Explosive demolition: explosive is considered to be a quick and easy method for demolitions like large structures, bridges and chimney stacks. The main support of the structure is fixed with explosives in order to weaken the structure. This method requires planning and cooperation of all parties and stakeholders which consists of Councils, Police and other Emergency Services. 

The service life of the excavators:

The life of the tools depends on factors like:

  • Toughness of the job.
  • Work frequency.
  • The material’s abrasiveness.

Hence, you must regularly check the degree of wear and tear so that the repairs are carried out efficiently. 
Hence, we at Mehri group offers you the best well managed and safe demolition services where your safety will be our utmost priority. Our team of professionals are well experienced who would cater to all your needs and concerns related to your house demolition process that will surely leave you with a peace of mind.