Here are 5 best effective ways to burn calories and lose weight easily just by changing everyday lifestyle and promoting healthier habits.

Losing weight might seem tough but with patience and commitment, it can be possible to shed tons of pounds. A healthy fitness routine is not limited to just diet, exercise, or any sort of “so-called program. It is mainly about an ongoing lifestyle that includes long-term changes in daily eating and exercise habits. Though exercise or some intense workout sessions are considered the ideal way to lose weight there are many other possible ways to burn calories without breaking a sweat. No doubt, that to burn calories or to shed some pounds of weight one has to look out for diet and exercise but what if the person doesn’t want to sweat, then one has to focus on several other things to follow up. Gym, weights, and treadmills aren’t the only places to burn calories. In fact, breathing and walking also burn some calories. If an individual is serious about burning calories without working out or breaking out sweat, then there should be a change in daily routine which should include more physical activity and a proper diet. What happens sometimes is the little things that matter the most and go unnoticed.

Keeping this in mind here are some best simple ways to burn calories without sweating:

Sip Green Tea and Coffee

Green tea and coffee both are excellent beverages with tons of potential health benefits. They both help in promoting healthier weight loss. Both help in losing calories much efficiently when added to the daily breakfast routine. They are loaded with many antioxidants and caffeine that help to increase the metabolic rate which results in faster weight loss. They help in boosting the effects of some fat-burning hormones that improve digestion and metabolism.

Mindful sleep

A night of good mindful sleep keeps all the problems away. It does not specifically increase or decrease the weight but prevents the calories intake. Sleep is a fundamental component and plays a very vital role in our lives. Being short on sleep or poor sleep can result in various disorders and disrupts overall health. If an individual is trying to burn calories and not getting the required sleep can sabotage all the efforts. A good 7-8 hours of sleep is the best for any age group.

Brisk Walking

A brisk walk is also one of the low impact exercises which can help to burn calories without any sweat. It can be a good way to burn calories. Adding 30-40 minutes of brisk walking daily in the routine can burn around 200 calories in a day. Moreover, it prevents various other health conditions such as heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes. Even walking and stretching while attending a phone call can also be the best option. With this try to take regular screen breaks. Screen time is also related to poor eating habits which can result in unhealthy weight gain. Therefore, taking regular breaks from devices can have a great impact on metabolic rate. There will be a sudden boost in metabolic levels.

Eating right and smartly

Some various healthy foods and supplements help to burn calories without sweating. To not gain unhealthy weight it is necessary to have a light, calories free and most importantly a protein-rich diet. Additionally, in terms of burning calories, supplements can give the body the extra push needed which helps in speeding up the metabolism. Besides that supplements or weight loss pills not only focus on boosting up the metabolites or weight loss, but they help in the functioning of other organs as well, they have anti-inflammatory properties and help in improving blood sugar levels, this can be an informative piece of advice related to diet and pills.


Staying hydrated is good for metabolism. Metabolism starts working slowly when there is a lack of water or if the body is dehydrated. Water helps to burn more calories and relatively decreases the appetite if consumed directly before and after meals. Drinking at least 8-9 glasses of water without fail can be a good way to lose weight and stay energized the whole day.

Avoiding Sugary Foods and drinks

Sugar promotes inflammation or weight gain. Sugar somehow provides instant energy to the body but it is better to avoid it. Do note no one can completely avoid sugar and neither should one do it. But it’s important to maintain a better intake to avoid insulin release. Adding it to foods and drinks significantly increases their calorie content without adding any nutritional benefit. Thus, sugary foods and drinks are not a good source of energy.

With this article, it can be found that exercise and dieting is not the only option to burn calories. Even certain lifestyle changes or swapping sedentary habits can ultimately lead to weight loss without any sweat. Thus, Healthcanal can provide more insights on weight loss, one can easily get to know about how to manage weight and metabolism. The body’s metabolism is responsible for much more than just burning fuel and losing weight, it controls breathing, circulation, heart rate, core body temperature, and many others.

Each and every way mentioned above affect both weight and metabolic rate means faster metabolism will determine how faster the body will burn calories.