Most people think of shipping cars when they’re in need. Imagine you just acquired a new auto or moving away for college. You may need to move vehicles interstate! DIY will take a lot of time and cause lots of stress. Having someone drive the car for you is an option, but this will put several miles on it. The potential issues of the state-to-state voyage are apparent. For a quick and smooth alternative, consider a car shipping company. As you research car shipping companies, you start to realize that this is a daunting task. Here are the Top mistakes people make when choosing a car shipping company. Selecting the right car shipping company involves being enlightened on which company is right for you. This article highlights critical tips to use when choosing an auto shipping company.

Check insurance and what happens in case of an accident

All car shipping companies are required to carry a current license and insurance certification. However, what the companies’ policies cover is often determined by the insurance companies. Ask potential companies if they offer secondary or primary coverage and precisely what their policy covers; loss, theft, and/or damage. Besides, ask if or not you’re expected to pay a deductible in case of an occurrence. It is also essential to know what happens if an accident arises. Auto-shipping companies handle accidents differently; hence knowing how yours deals with them beforehand will be helpful in case something unprecedented occurs. Ask the company what its usual protocol is when damage or accident occurs to an auto. Does it notify the insurer, or does it alert the auto owner first?

Do they offer door-to-door delivery?

While some auto transport companies will deliver your auto at your doorstep, some might need that you pick it at their local depot. This disparity can impact the total cost of service. Nonetheless, when collecting your car at the depot could be somehow cheaper, you must find out upfront whether the company charges any storage or warehouse fees in the event you cannot pick your car at the time of delivery.

What is expected of the car owner?

To have the smoothest car transportation experience, you should know what is expected on your end. This can be preparing your auto for shipping, giving the mover updated contact info in case of emergency, and more vital information the company might need. You might also be expected to notify your insurer of the date, time, and period your car will be in the hands of the auto company.

Read the fine print

Guarantees aren’t given in the car shipping industry – any trustworthy company will inform you that upfront. As they move vehicles interstate, trucks break down now and then, and unluckily, delays occur. Nonetheless, it is imperative to know that a delay must not be weeks but a few days. Some companies indicate in their pact that they need 30 days to deliver your car. This is typically a ploy that enables them to hold your car until they get a person who’s desperate for money who’ll ship your vehicle for nearly nothing. Some brokers do so to increase their earnings with no concern of having your car delivered in a good state.  It is likely that you have given a substantial amount of non-refundable deposit, and if you opt to find a respected company, you’ll have to surrender the deposit.