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The Internet has revolutionized everything around us. Before the mid-2000s, there were only land-based or physical casinos present. Later, online live dealer casinos came into the picture. Live dealer gambling sites started getting more popular after Evolution Gaming launched their first live casino. As the streaming technology improved drastically, it only fuelled the growth of online live casinos. 

The casinos are a great addition to our community. It drastically affects the micro and macro levels of the locality. Casino gambling accelerates economic growth by increasing tax revenue. It also means more sales in local retail and a hike in employment. Personally, casinos are an excellent means to relax, particularly for people who like gambling or winning. 

In today’s digital world, the online counterpart of gambling is booming in the market. Here is how you can differentiate between land-based and online casinos:

  1. Accessibility
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One of the significant factors that set online casinos apart from land-based ones is accessibility. We all have busy lives, and it is impossible to check into a physical casino every time we look for some relaxation. Also, many people have picked up the habit of gambling outside, and there are no physical casinos present in their city or locality. It is not realistic to travel far away for gambling in your free time. Instead, you can play in the comfort of your own home with the help of a stable internet connection on your laptop. In terms of accessibility, the online gambling casino beats the physical one. 

Online gambling sites like online casino Malaysia allow everyone to register and play instead of going to a land casino. These online casinos do not work for designated periods. Anyone can play it at any point of the whole day. Usually, the registration process is pretty simple. When you register, The website will allocate a username and password to log in to the account. The account will run you through how you can warm bonus points and virtual money you make at every win. 

  1. Game selection
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There is a diverse range of games available for you to play in online and physical casinos. There are games for every type of gambler. Despite having such a diverse collection of offline games, it cannot beat the online gaming collection. For example, some Indian sites even have online cricket betting for active participation from more people. You can find pretty much everything related to gambling online. The vast game collection starts from live dealers to sports betting and lottery opportunities. 

Popular games like blackjack, poker, roulette are available. There are many downsides to playing in a physical casino. Apart from a limited collection of fun, the most exciting tables are usually occupied, and you have to wait in line for your turn. Also, the game’s overall pace can be slow due to people’s behavior. These cons can be avoided while playing online gambling games. 

  1. Bonus and Payouts
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Online casinos tend to offer you more bonuses and incentives because of less maintenance cost. The offline casinos have higher maintenance rent. They have to pay the rent, machine maintenance, staff wages, and more. The online casinos mostly have to pay for the software company and the website domain. So, online gambling games are more likely to give you bonus points and incentives to their players. Some online casino incentives include a loaded welcome package for new visitors. They offer free spins, great weekly or seasonal bonuses. Some players are also given loyalty membership. The players can also look out for surprise incentives to earn while playing live. 

The process of depositing and withdrawing money is also more straightforward than land-based casinos. The players have to spend money for every machine they want to play, but virtual casinos offer free spins and practice games for newbies. So, virtual casinos have more advantages in this aspect. Despite all the winning points for virtual games, if you win in a physical casino, you can get your prize then and there. Most virtual casinos have daily or weekly payouts, which means after you win a game, you need to wait for the award.


The ongoing debate of which one is better- physical casinos or virtual ones. Every person has their schedule and needs, so only that individual can decide which mode of playing is more convenient and enjoyable. Looking at overall gambling experiences, land-based casinos are very different from virtual ones. It has a very different experience as well as atmosphere. So, if somebody is looking for a quick office break or prefers a solitary experience, online casinos might be best suited for them. 

But if they like the social aspect of gambling which includes making more connections, land-based gambling might work. After all, it comes down to personal preferences. Both modes of playing come with their own sets of pros and cons. That does not necessarily mean that one is better than another. Players who want to engage in gambling can decide where to play after weighing down the advantages and disadvantages according to their needs.