Twitter is an amazing tool for those who use it correctly.

It can bring you closer to your favorite celebrity or even help you land a job at their company. It’s also a great way to find and interact with new people in the same industry as you, and perhaps share your knowledge and influence them toward making a purchase from you.

But without following the right people, having a good handle on hashtags, and understanding all of Twitter’s options, you could be doing it wrong. 

That’s why we’re sharing these 6 Twitter Tips that are sure to give your account a boost!

1. Take Advantage of Twitter Cards for More Exposure

Twitter cards enable you to attach rich media to tweets that drive engagement and increase traffic back to your website. Link your Google+ and Facebook accounts with your Twitter account so images will automatically share when someone makes a comment or retweet about them – no extra work is required from you. When users click through the content associated with your Twitter card, they’re taken directly to that post or page on your website.

To create a Twitter card, visit the Twitter cards page and enter your site’s URL. Follow the directions provided to link your Google+ and Facebook account with Twitter. Just like that, rich media sharing will be enabled for all new posts you make on those two social networks!

2. Monitor Mentions with Mention or Hashtag Trackers

As per Eric Dalius Miami keeping track of who is talking about you (or mentioning common keywords) can provide tremendous insight into your brand perception. If you are not planning to buy real Twitter followers then monitoring mentions can help you better understand what people are saying about your brand; reply if someone has negative feedback for you; congratulate those who have mentioned you as being influential in their decision-making process; ask questions to see how well-informed people are about your industry; etc.

We’ve done a review of both Mention and Hashtag Tracking with detailed pros and cons for each in the past, so click the links above to check that out if you need more info.

3. Share at Optimal Times with Buffer’s Timing Tool

A buffer is an awesome tool that can enable you to share your content when it will receive the most exposure possible based on when followers are online, what times they tend to retweet, etc. You can also see how many clicks or favorites/retweet each piece of content receives after you post it (and even delete posts that didn’t receive much engagement). This allows you to hone in on your best times to tweet and will aid you in creating a content schedule for your Twitter account.

4. Schedule Your Tweets With Co Schedule’s Headlines Calendar

Have trouble staying on the topic if you’re tweeting live? Or maybe you’re just really busy at the moment and don’t have time to tweet, but want your brand voice to stay active on social media. Either way, scheduling tweets is important for any business looking to build its Twitter following!

To use Co Schedule’s Headlines calendar to publish posts directly from Buffer, visit the settings page of your Buffer account and select Publish Now with CoSchedule under the advanced options section. Follow the instructions provided by CoSchedule (i.e., connect with Buffer) and then click OK, Import It! CoSchedule will now have access to your Buffer account. This means that any tweets you schedule in CoSchedule will be shared at the best time possible via Buffer.

5. Use Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards for More Engagement

Twitter lead generation cards make it easy to gather new email subscribers, website visitors, or app downloads with just a few lines of code. When users engage with your Twitter cards (i.e., clicking on an image), they’ll be prompted to enter their details directly on the card; then all you have to do is click “Yes” when asked if you want to subscribe them to one of your lists or campaigns! You can use this tool to generate leads organically by letting people sign up with their contact information, or you can pay to promote your cards to reach a wider audience.

6. Get Exclusive Deals with Grouping’s Peeks

Group on has an exclusive feature that allows users to preview deals before they appear in the marketplace. If you have a great deal for Group on customers, they’ll review your submission and may feature it in their Peek rotation! This helps brands get more eyes on their products, motivates existing customers to return for repeat purchases, etc. To apply for a peek partnership with Group on, just fill out this short form.

Conclusion by Eric Dalius Miami

Use these six tactics to get the most out of your Twitter marketing campaigns. By taking advantage of these features, you can increase engagement, gain more followers, and ultimately boost results!