A Universal There was a time remodeled positioned on 30th August 2021. With new updates, the developer’s team announced that lots of more updates would get released in parts.

Are you aware that gamers from Canada, the U . s . States, and also the Uk are eagerly waiting for updates on Goku? Where are you able to find Goku? What must you do in order to obtain Goku? Do you know the forces Goku will evolve?

We provide you with every detail about acquiring Goku Quest Aut.

Who’s Goku?

Goku may be the primary character inside a Universal Time (AUT) game. AUT is really a role-playing game around the Roblox platform.

Lately there have been many updates folded in A Universal Time. A Universal Time created updates towards the figures hanging around too. Goku has become obtainable in A Universal Time. Goku is really a Saiyan who had been delivered to destroy our planet. But, in the early childhood, he’d a mind injuries with the result that he’d lost his memory. Therefore, he increased track of all his forces and aimed to safeguard our planet.

Acquiring Goku Quest Aut:

Goku is stationed within tree. It might help should you went near Goku. To acquire Goku, you have to give Goku alteast seven Dragon Balls. For this function, you have to put seven Dragon Balls staying with you, and Goku will take over from there. Once this task is performed, Goku provides you with several tasks. You have to complete these tasks to acquire Goku. Here is their email list of tasks provided by Goku:

1.Deal 100 damage

2.take 100 damage

3.Block 100 damage

4.Obtain 1000 Ucoin

5.Kill 1 Dio

When you complete these five tasks in Goku Quest Aut, you have to go back to Goku and communicate with him. Shenron can look and provides you couple of options to select from. Here is their email list of options provided by Shenron:


2.World Ender,



You’ll achieve Goku by selecting a minumum of one option from all of these four choices. When you obtain Goku, he is able to evolve in nine forms given below:

1.Goku SSJ,

2.Goku SSJ2,

3.Goku SSJ3 to make use of Dragon fist,

4.Goku SSJ4 to make use of Dragon fist,

5.Super Saiyan God,

6.Super Saiyan Blue,

7.Kaioken in Goku Quest Aut can cope with four damages per second,

8.Ultra Instinct is possible with low HP,

9.Mastered Ultra Instinct to make use of Mastered ultra-instinct. It may be achieved if you have exhausted KI.


Some stands in AUT continue to be inactive as AUT was reworked. Players have reported that whenever giving seven Dragon Balls, Goku continues to be inactive. Some players, who have been effective by doing this, reported that despite experienceing this task assigned by Goku, Shenron doesn’t appear. Considerably couple of users were lucky to acquire Goku Quest Aut after answering Shenron.

Did you discover this type of glitch in AUT with Goku? Kindly tell us the way you acquired Goku.