Going on a vacation to get away in summers? Couldn’t be happier for you.The summer vibe is missing without a getaway. The best part about vacations is the preparation and the journey. In all the excitement, don’t forget to pack the essentials for yourself and your kids.

As every parent is, you must want your child to dress fashionably while being comfortable. Especially when you are taking a road trip and your child will be in the clothes for several hours, you need to dress your kid in comfortable apparel.

To make it easier for you in the messy hustle and bustle you will be in right now, here’s a quick list of must-haves that you should pack right away. You can find all these designer kids clothing items at buckets and spaces in all kinds of varieties.

Sleeping Outfits.

The first and most important item on your packing list must be sleeping outfits for your kids. After a long day of travelling or a long day of tourism, your child will want to immediately sleep. It is unhygienic and unhealthy for your child’s skin to sleep in the same clothes he/she has been in all day. You must keep comfortable and easy to change into sleeping outfits.

Jogger Pants Or Loose-Fit Jeans.

For a day out with your kid, jogger pants or loose fit jeans are the most comforting option for the child. They are comfortable to wear and allow a lot of air inside so your child will not feel hot either. A cherry on top is,that these types of pants are very easy to style with any type of top.


A very comfortable wear for hotter days, do not forget to keep shorts with you.

A Hat.

A hat is a must-have when you go to the beach. Other than a very cool fashion choice, your child will need a hat to protect them from the strong UV rays. Even after a thick layer of sunscreen, it is preferable that your child’s face is protected from sunlight.

Summer Dresses.

For your little girl to have an airy and trendy dress that is easy to wear, a sundress is a must. A summer dress completes the feeling of summer and is the most comfortable outfit option for your girl.

Smock Tops.

If your girl prefers tops over dresses, opt for smock tops. Thisis a trendy, chic, and modern type of top that gives a very Pinterest-worthy outlook while keeping your child comfortable.

Camisole Tops.

For a day at the beach, keep a camisole top for your girl especially if her skin is sensitive to UV rays. You would not want to fully expose her skin to the sun.

Comfortable Shoes.

As your child will be walking a lot, make sure you keep comfortable pairs of shoes. Try to make sure the shoes are not worn out or will soon tear open. Prefer sandals for warm areas.


Your child will need open slippers for beach days or for days he/she does not feel like wearing shoes.

Lastly, Towels.

Do not forget separate towels for each individual.