Do you want to sell your apartment successfully? Take note of these questions buyers often ask during the property sale process. Knowing them will save you time and allow you to make the most of each sales opportunity.

In all sales processes, frequent doubts are generated about the product or service in question. In general, the seller is always aware of the characteristics of what he sells. But it can also happen that some customer concerns dislodge you. Therefore, it will be important to be prepared so that you do not miss out on valuable opportunities.

However, the process of selling a property is somewhat more complex than that of any other product or service. First of all, because the people who visit the property will want to know everything about the facilities. Second, because they will also want to get information about the neighbors and about the neighborhood. And, thirdly, because they will want to know certain characteristics associated with the expenses of supplies that they will have in the house.

All of this is highly logical if we consider the magnitude of the investment and the intention of potential buyers to live in that property for the rest of their lives. Therefore, you must be prepared to respond to these concerns in a convincing manner.

Let’s see, then, what are the most frequent doubts during the sale of a property. Take notes and think about your answers! This article brought to you by could help you close transactions faster and in a much more professional way.

Frequently asked questions during the sale of a property related to the property and the building

In general, the interested party will ask questions as we show him the property. But there are some specific questions that you will decide to save for last. Therefore, we insist, you must be prepared. The most common questions are the following.

Why do you want to sell the property?

It is logical that the buyer wants to identify both the advantages and disadvantages of the home before buying it. That is why it will ask you why you want to sell your property.

Our advice is that you reflect on the response you will give to visitors. Since sometimes the cause is personal and it can be difficult to talk about it, it could be a divorce or an inheritance.

Although it could also be the case that you were unhappy with the neighborhood, the neighbors or with the property. About this, we recommend that you be sincere. Well, the most likely thing is that the buyer verifies all the characteristics of the property. In doing so, you will run into all the downsides to the property and might decide to back down from the purchase.

What you should keep in mind is that it is very likely that the buyer wants to negotiate the price of the house after knowing its disadvantages.

What is the energy rating of the house?

You probably already know that the energy certificate of the house is one of the documents that must be presented in a mandatory way for the sale of a property. In effect, the energy rating must be published in all announcements made about the property, whether on public roads or on real estate portals. However, this requirement is not always met.

Now, for the future buyer, this information is important because it will determine the expenses that will be due for the electricity and gas supplies in the home. Well, there is a direct relationship between the energy rating and the electrical consumption of the property.

Therefore, we advise you to know this feature in advance to be able to solve all the concerns of the future buyer during the process of selling a property. At Capital Smart City, the team lets you know about all of these features before you decide to sell a property.

Are there any pending or planned works, renovations or spills in the building?

In those cases where there are pending spills in the building, the buyer must pay for this additional expense, in addition to the purchase of the home. For this reason, this question is frequently asked when they visit the property.

Again, we advise you to be honest in your answer because the potential buyer will know sooner or later if there are any pending spills.

In the event that there are reforms pending payment, the buyer will want to negotiate the price of the house, since they will have to bear these additional expenses.

How many neighbors does the farm have and what is the atmosphere like in the building?

It is important to know the environment of the building before proceeding with the visit for the sale of a property. Well, it is common for buyers to be interested in knowing if there are problem or noisy neighbors and will even ask you if they have ever stolen or if there have been squats. On this last point, in the event that an episode of insecurity has occurred, emphasize the measures that have been adopted to prevent it from happening again, such as: changing the locks, installing alarm systems or hiring security personnel.

It may also happen that, if the buyer is a family with children, they want to know if there are more children in the building with whom the little ones can enjoy the common areas.

Frequently asked questions during the sale of a property related to the environment

As we told you before, the buyer is usually interested in the property itself but also in the environment. Well, you will want to know if the neighborhood is safe, if you can walk alone at night without having to worry, if you will have easy access to public transport and if you will have the convenience of having all services nearby. Therefore, some of the most frequently asked questions in this case are the following.

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How is the neighborhood?

Although this is a general question, the reason why it is usually done is to find out if it is noisy or not, if there are establishments that could be annoying, such as bars or discos, and if there is easy access to transport and services.

But, in addition, they will want to know if there are other people with similar characteristics living in the neighborhood. That is, they will be interested in knowing if there are more families with children, if they have a good relationship between neighbors and if they tend to create ties of friendship between them.

Most likely, the buyer has already taken a tour of the neighborhood before attending the visit. So, again, try to be honest with all the information you provide.

Have there been robberies in the neighborhood in recent years? Is it a safe zone?

As you can see, this question is repeated both when we refer to the property itself and when we talk about the neighborhood. And it is that security is an increasingly latent concern among home buyers. It is true that the buyer will have filtered the areas where they are interested in living when choosing the property, but it is also one of the most frequently asked questions.

It is also true that, broadly speaking, the safest areas are known. For example, living in El Ravel, in Barcelona, ​​is not the same as living in Sent Grease. But the buyer will want to know the particularities of that area from the opinion of a person who knows it in depth. Therefore, it will also be important that you know in advance how safe the neighborhood where the home is located is.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions when buying a property. But they are not the only ones.

Another useful tip that could help you be prepared for any concern is to think about what you would ask if you were the buyer. To all these concerns, write them down and think about the possible answers. We assure you that this technique is extremely effective to be able to solve the doubts of the buyers and close the sales of the apartments successfully for both you and your clients. For more enquiries contact us at Sky Marketing