Matt Ulrich’s passing was announced in a solemn manner that sent shockwaves through the sports world. Ulrich was a former NFL coach and player who had been admired by many. The former Indianapolis Colt who won the Super Bowl XLI Trophy at 41 left behind a legacy beyond the gridiron.

Matt Ulrich has had a remarkable journey. From the Northwestern University football fields to NFL glory, and finally into fitness and wellbeing. Fans, former teammates, and others who were inspired by Matt have paid numerous tributes since his untimely death.

What Was Matt Ulrich like?

Matt Ulrich made his first impression as an athlete when he was a student at Northwestern University. He displayed both athletic prowess, and an academic intellect which would later come together in his career and life. Ulrich, who served as both Team Captain and Academic All-Big Ten team member respectively, demonstrated both intelligence and leadership. These traits would later define his professional and personal success.

What happened to Matt Ulrich?

Ulrich’s transition to the fitness industry from the NFL was marked by the pursuit of excellence. His sports science knowledge was used to positively influence the fitness industry when he founded DexaFit. The news of his passing was a shock for all. A community is now left without a beloved leader.

What was the cause of death?

Details regarding Matt Ulrich’s death are not yet available. Jim Irsay confirmed his loss and expressed his sorrow. He also highlighted Ulrich’s impact on the team as well as his personal life.

The Legacy of a Super Bowl Champion

Ulrich has left a legacy that is extensive. He was not only a Super Bowl champion, but also an advisor who guided young athletes to college-level participation and a visionary when it came to fitness. His contributions left an indelible impression on many lives.

Impact of the Field Beyond the Field

Matt Ulrich, beyond his professional accomplishments, was also a devoted family man and community leader. The depth of Matt Ulrich’s character was evident in his role as a father to four children and his involvement with community initiatives. Ulrich’s work ethic and commitment to community service will be a guide for many.

Matt Ulrich’s passing has left a hole in the hearts of the local and sporting communities. His work, which is characterized by dedication and service, continues inspire. While the world awaits clarity about his death, the world will cherish the memories of his kindness, tenacity and spirit.


  • Matt Ulrich: Who was he?
    Matt Ulrich is a former NFL football player, Super Bowl XLI champion and fitness industry entrepreneur.
  • For which NFL team did Matt Ulrich played?
    Matt Ulrich was an offensive lineman for the Indianapolis Colts.
  • What is Matt Ulrich’s legacy to fitness?
    Ulrich founded DexaFit, and was NASM certified Performance Enhancement specialist. He had a significant impact on athletes’ training and wellbeing.
  • What was Matt Ulrich’s contribution to sports after the NFL,?
    He has coached and advised professional and Olympic athletes and over 100 young athletes.
  • What is the reaction to Matt Ulrich’s death?
    The sports community and especially the Colts organization expressed their deep sorrow, and highlighted his great role as a father.
  • What was Matt Ulrich’s cause of death
    As of the most recent reports, the cause of death of Matt Ulrich has not yet been revealed to the public.