The discharge of wow shadowland 9.1 has numerous new add-on features for players in Canada, the U . s . States, Uk and Australia. Like a chain of domination updated content showed up on 30th June, searching for Forgotten Feather Wow has began within the new zone of Korthia.

As the strength of Maw grows, gamers have to return with increased strength to battle the jailer, with a hidden treasure, to some much safer place. Though the majority of the players are pleased using the new zone, some players also complain concerning the Korthia treasures.

About Korthia, the town of secret:

Within the new update from the chain of domination, a brand new zone Korthia,  secret, is added, that has ten treasures hidden inside it. Forgotten Feather Wow is a treasure that players may use to create different pets their buddies and fight other players’ pets.

A few of the activities which player are capable of doing in Korthia are highlighted below:

•           A player can go back to Maw by associated Conventant, plus they can plan a panic attack around the jailor.

•           They can uncover Rares and treasures in Korthia and Desmotaeron.

•           The player can complete their daily quest by killing the terrifying monsters who roam around the Maw.

•           They may also blind one eye from the jailer, letting them roam freely in Korthia, because he won’t be able to trace their movement.

Location of Forgotten Feather Wow Treasure:

Though there are lots of difficulties in Korthia, still gamer be interested in this town of secret and wish to loot the treasures because it will permit them to earn rewards while increasing their Anima power and soul cinders. Some details about treasure, loot as well as their location receive below:

Glittering Nest material: This is among the treasures that may be arrived at in route around 38.5 and 42.85 players could possibly get Korthian armaments like a loot item.

Forgotten Feather: To achieve this treasure, gamers can follow 68.9 and 29.8 ways and employ a goblin glider to achieve the feather. The Gamer will receive a forgotten feather toy like a loot item.

Players complaining about Forgotten Feather Wow along with other treasure loot:

Korthia is really a new focus the most recent edition from the chain of domination, and players were looking forward to going through the new secret town. Still, after a little times of use, most are complaining concerning the treasure of korthia.

The primary problem with a few of the players may be the retention from the treasure, which, based on them, is looted by another player while they’re in combat. Gamers took the problem to Reddit and also the developer official forum.

Gamers have found some loopholes within the new rewarding system because they aren’t able to preserve their treasure during combat.

Final verdict:

A treasure like Forgotten Feather Wow and dislodged Nest permit the player to achieve power and reward for his or her further conquest hanging around. Still, when they find their treasure removed by a few other player, it requires the sport down another path.

So Blizzard must repair the problem in the earliest to help keep gamers interested hanging around. Online gamer can share their experience and issues within the comment section and provide their opinion concerning the publish below as it can help us last better.