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This article will help to decide whether or not you want to buy an item from This store stocks Ace Cuban Bracelets and Ace Cuban Chains. Their trust score of 40/100

This review will cover everything you need to know about this site, its products, and other details regarding its authenticity. You can read the entire article below.

What is the shopacejewelry website?

shopacejewelry offers Ace Cuban Chain, Ace Cuban Bracelet, and other products online.

According to whois records, this website was registered at Website Registered on 2023-01-18. This website has a trust score 40/100.

Important Information for Website

This section includes all information about Take the time to review all information before you decide whether or not to buy anything from this website. Before you make any purchase from any website, we recommend doing your research through Google and the website.

  • Website name: shopacejewelry
  • Website link:
  • Email:
  • Contact address: Your company’s address is not listed
  • Contact Number: The number for the cotact # is unavailable
  • Products Category: Ace Cuban Chain & Ace Cuban bracelet
  • Type Name: Ace Cuban Bracelet & Chain
  • Optional Payment Methods: Shoppay or Googlepay are all options
  • Delivery time: This delivery time is not specific
  • Return Policy After you receive your item, you have a 30-day return policy.
  • Social media links: The Link is provided for Facebook, Bing, and Google. Their authenticity is however questioned

These points will help to understand the legitimacy and credibility of the website. Let’s take a look at both its positive and negative aspects.

These are the Positives About This Online Store:

  • For consumer safety, HTTPS is available.
  • Customers have the option of a number of payment options.
  • It offers all the relevant and easily accessible policies for customers.

Negative aspects of Shopacejewelry Reviews:

  • This website has a low trust score 40/100 which raises the trust concern.
  • Some sites have negative reviews of the portal.
  • Some of the content found on this website appears to have been copied from another site.
  • This website domain is brand-new and was registered at the date of registration 2023-01-18. This causes trust issues.

Now you are aware of both the positive and the negative aspects. Let’s look at what points prove the site is genuine or fraudulent. If you have any comments, please read the next section. This information can be helpful to many who are still unsure about the site.

These points will show that does not resemble a scam.

  • 1. Website age: Website was created on 2023-01-18
  • 2. Maximum Discounts: 15% using code Ace 23
  • 3. Trust Score for Website: 40/100
  • 4. The legitimacy of the Contact address: Company address is not mentioned
  • 5. Customer complaints: Although they have mentioned some positive reviews, trustpilot and other trusted sites do not show any reviews.
  • 6., the email ID that confirms legitimacy.
  • 7. According to the website, exchanges and returns are the fastest way to get what you want.

FAQs about this store is a scam or trustworthy website?

You can choose from an extensive selection of Ace Cuban Bracelets and Ace Cuban Chains. They do not accept cash delivery orders and they do not sell their products online. You can find out more about the website’s legitimacy by reading the following. Let’s have a look:

  • Website Creation: Website created in 2023-01-18
  • Unrealistic Prices: 15% Discount with code Ace 23
  • Trust Index 50/100

What is the age of your website?

Site registered on 2023-01-18

Which payment method does the company use?

Shoppay, Googlepay, and Paypal are the available payment options.

How can I get in touch with them?

Their contact information is: Company address not given,, and cotact no not given

What is the delivery time frame?

Delivery time is not stated

What is the discount they offer in their store?

Get 15% off your order by using code Ace 23


This website has a trust score of 40/100. This indicates that the website has fewer users. It is rated 1 out of 100 for trust. Customers are required to read it before they shop.