The Lockwood family have seen many ups and downs over the years. This name is associated with many stories and events. All the names in this family are always in the spotlight because of their connection to the music industry. Finley Aaron love Lockwood is the daughter and granddaughter of Elvis Aaron Persley, and Lisa Marie Persley. Learn about Finley Aaron Love Lockwood’s life.

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood

She is the famous celebrity child, daughter of the famous singer Lisa Marie Presley. Harper Vivienne Anne Lockwood was also born in Thousand Oaks, California, USA on 7th October 2008. Finley Aaron Lockwood will be 15 in 2023. Her father Micheal is the fourth husband to Lisa Presley.

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood’s Childhood: Early Years

They were married on 22 January 2006. Michael married Lisa for the fourth time on that date. The wedding took place in Japan. They announced their pregnancy after two years of marriage. Their twin daughter was born on 7th October 2008. They were only three months old when their first media appearance was made.

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood – Physical Appearance & Attributes

She is 15 in 2023. She is an elegant young lady with brown eyes and blonde locks who exemplifies beauty with long facial features and the light colored hue of her locks, both adding to her grace. An American celebrity child from mixed ethnicities, we can see in comparison her twin who appears slightly older; when caught by camera she often becomes the focus of media coverage as soon as their presence has been noted in any way whatsoever.

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood’s Family

She was born into a fantasy world as the daughter of famous people. The paparazzi have spotted her multiple times. She used to dress in luxurious outfits and accessories.

Finley Aaron Lockwood, the daughter of Lisa Persley is a famous singer. Her father Michael Lockwood has also achieved fame as a composer and singer. She lives with three of her siblings and her mother. Harper Vivienne Ann is her twin sister, while Danielle Riley and Benjamin Keough are her brothers. Benjamin Keough committed suicide in 2022, which was a sad time for her and family.

Lisa’s divorce and custody of her twin sisters

In 2016, Lisa’s allegations against Michael made headlines. She decided to separate and filed for divorce. According to the documents, she requested custody of her daughter claiming that she had found hundreds of images of child pornography and pictures on her ex-husbands computer. Lisa has been given custody of her twin girls by Cohort.

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood and Benjamin Keough, brother Finley Keough

Finley lives with three of her siblings, except for Harper. She is very close to Benjamin who is the oldest brother in the family. He took his own life under unknown circumstances. He shot himself with a gun on July 12, 2020. The family was devastated by this incident and went into deep mourning.

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood: An Educational Journey

In 2023, she will turn 15 and is currently attending high school; however, neither her parents nor we know much about the details surrounding her primary education.

There were rumors earlier that she was going to be a leading actor in some web series. However, this has not been confirmed by her. We can still consider this as rumor. She is currently concentrating on her studies and keeps herself out of the spotlight most of the times.

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood’s Social Profiles

Finley Aaron Lockwood is a very well-known woman, but she stays out of the spotlight. She posts popular hashtags and pictures that go viral, yet rarely features in pictures with her mother; there is no official presence of her on social media.


Finley Aaron Lockwood, the twin daughter of Lisa Persley and Michael Lockwood, is a celebrity child. She is the granddaughter of legendary rock and roll artist Elvis Presley and moved in with her grandmother following their parents’ separation. Finley Aaron Love Lockwood lives a luxurious life. Finley Aaron Lockwood, a 15-year-old woman born in 2023, lives a luxurious lifestyle. Her parents separated in 2021, and her older brother Benjamin committed suicide in 2020.


  • Why is Finley Aaron Love Lockwood so famous?

She is the famous celebrity child of Lisa Marie Presley, and Michael Lockwood.

  • What’s the name of Finley Aaron Lockwood’s twin?

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood, the twin sister of Lisa and Michael’s daughter born 7th October 2008, is also named after her.

  • Who owns Graceland today?

A Graceland representative confirmed that Lisa Marie’s daughters inherited the estate. Lisa Marie has three daughters: Finley Lockwood and Harper Lockwood.

  • Who is the legal owner of Finley Aaron Lockwood and Harper Love?

According to the court order, Lisa Persalry, the mother of twins who was born with her fourth husband Micheallockwood, has custody of the kids.