They don’t want to get accepted as a part of the white supremacy crowd, rather they want to get acknowledged in all their uniqueness. 

Imagine the frustration of being aggressively discriminated against, and evidently judged for something you have no control over. Even after battling disgraceful societal acts like slavery and blackfacing, the black community is still fighting social aggressions and sugar quoted discrimination every day.

Additionally, the tragic death of George Floyd has left the whole world shocked, shaken, and most importantly wondering whether with Covid19 the world has also been transferred back to the 1920s when the last pandemic hit in the form of the Spanish Flu. 

Black-Owned Fashion Brands: What you should know

It is an ongoing battle to combat the ostracization and favoritism in every job sector there is. The story surely doesn’t have a happy ending when it comes to the fashion industry. However, steady but the world is evolving and with the advent of such strong anti-racist demonstrations, black fashion brands and black pride apparel are coming into the light of media. 

The first step to acknowledgment is awareness. Comprehension of the differences and the reception of the similarities. 

Therefore, to build that sense of recognition, here is an illustration of everything you need to know about black fashion. Because it is high time that we extend our support to these brands. 

What Are Some Of The Qualities Of A Black-Owned Fashion 

Here are some of the unique qualities of every black-owned fashion that we cannot help but appreciate. 

They Will Always Have A Touch Of Culture 

There was a time when every ethnicity tried to mimic the white supremacy to fit it and I suppose they can’t be blamed. Years of oppression and then ostracism can strengthen a sense of desperation in any one of us. After all, we are social animals and we all want to be a part of something. 

Therefore, the most applauding part of these black fashion brands and pride appraisals is their ability to embrace their rich heritage. Their business ventures are not just about reaching the highest sales but rather an expression of pride despite all the obstruction they face in the journey. 

They Are Diverse 

When I say diverse, I mean in every dimension you can think of. Who better to know about the struggles of feeling left out than the black ethnicity? Hence, black-owned fashion will always have versatility in their designs whether it is for the sense of body positivity or genre of clothes. 

This is an excellent reason why they deserve the acknowledgment and support because they know how to humanize their business by appealing to everyone. They have effortless workwear for chic lounge fashion, lingerie for every body type or skin tone, and many more.

Luxury Doesn’t Have To Be Bland 

When talking about any luxury brand, the colors that immediately come to our mind are neutrals, pastel, and pale. Traditionally, vibrant patterns and loud patterns were deemed to be inelegant and not worn by the upper class [the white race]. However, the black-owned fashion industry changed this perception and it is in the best way possible. 

They have also helped in propelling confidence within us with their chic headscarves and Ankara pattern styles and now they are also seen ornamenting high-end runways. 

These are just a few among the many to prove that black-owned fashion outlets are already a vision of tomorrow. Not only should we support them but also learn from them about subjects like fashion inclusivity and versatility. 

5 Reasons to Invest and Buy from a Black-Owned Fashion Brand

Reasons to invest are many; supporting the cause, accepting the uniqueness; etc. However, that’s not all. Black-owned fashion brands are also known widely for their eccentric style and diverse choices. Plus, they might add a pop of positivity to your closet. 

Being a black-owned fashion designer is not easy because the social obstructions are halting you at every step. Yet, there are ethnic African American stores that themselves contribute to their community despite all the hardships. Let’s dive more into the reasons why supporting a black-owned fashion company will not only give you the look of the decade but also allow you to be a part of a movement. 

Black-Owned Brands Contribute to Fighting for Legal Rights 

Simultaneously, these are assisting people to legally fight certain questionable voting rights adhering to the ethnicity or wrongfully handled legal case gain through discriminatory racial profiling, etc. 

Allow the Young Black Population Income Sustenance

Loss of income sustenance is a casualty in the fight against racial injustice. Especially with prevailing segregation due to ethnic profiling and it is sad to see the young black population steering into the wrong side of the track. However, in being a part of these black-owned fashion companies, you can be a proud contributor in helping towards their income sustenance and preventing them from regression. 

Creates a Strong Community-Centric Feeling to Fight Oppression

Fashion has always been a strong weapon of communication towards any intolerance. These companies with black ambassadors are assisting in creating a strong feeling of community among all races and genders. They are building an armor of sustenance that will be hard to break with prejudices. Now, isn’t this a movement you would want to be a part of! 

Great Avenue to Increase Financial Profits 

These icons are not just bearing witness to the credibility of the business but also spreading awareness about the great work they are doing when it comes to their CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility]. Through their contribution in collecting funds for the black community, they are making history and so can you. 

Promoting Black Fashion History, Culture, and Legacy

These black-owned fashion outlets are not just the epitome of fashion but also becoming a voice of expression. They are messiahs carrying forward the words of their ancestry culture with a dash of contemporary touch for the new world.  

It Is A Wave Of Basic Human Rights And Not Just A Trend

Supporting the surge of anti-racial protest is not just about walking on a march and accessorizing your social media with woke slogans. It is about learning the adversities they have endured and speaking up on witnessing them. It is about being self-aware of your own privileges before committing insensitive cultural appropriation in the name of fashion. 

If you want to explore the diversity of the black fashion, support a black-owned fashion outlet rather than divulging into stereotypical attire. In the UK in August 2020 came up with an occasion named the ‘Black Pound Day.’ This is an initiative to be celebrated on the first Saturday of every month where people are encouraged to buy products from locally black-owned outlets.

This act should be an inspiration for every country with black popularity. It is small initiatives like these that fill us with a sense of pride knowing that humanity and the fight for human rights are still alive within us.