Electric water heaters are among the common types of heaters used in households for some areas. This type of heater is ideal for those who want to have instant hot water, especially during cold seasons.

However, despite its convenience and other benefits, electric water heaters also have their own disadvantages. In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of using an electric water heater to help you decide whether it’s worth purchasing for your home or not.

Advantages Of Electric Water Heaters

Aside from electric water heaters Perth, gas water heaters are also preferred by some. Nevertheless, electric type heaters offer several advantages that are greater than gas water heaters. Here are some of them:


There are a lot of water heater choices in the market. However, among them, electric heaters are the most inexpensive choice.

The difference between the kinds of water heaters mostly depends on the installation costs. For instance, in order to vent the exhaust from the combustion process, you will need to install a new ventilation system, along with additional pipings. This is necessary in order to exhaust the hot air. However, electric water heaters do not need such additional installments. Hence, they are easier and faster to install.


Water heaters, no matter if they are electric-powered or gas-fueled, are both generally safe options for your water heating. However, gas water heaters, just like any other gasoline-powered equipment, are highly prone to gas leaks.

Of course, electrical appliances also have safety hazards. Nevertheless, the odds of a gas leak is far greater than electrical safety risks when it comes to water heaters.


Examining the energy factors of your water heater is the easiest approach in evaluating their quality and efficiency. When comparing the efficiency of both electric and gas water heaters, electric water heaters come out on top.


Nowadays, almost every residence is equipped with electricity. As a result, they all have access to energy. That implies that an electric water heater may be used efficiently in almost any home.

Moreover, if you want to install a gas-fueled  water heater, though, you will have to make sure your property has a gas line or sufficient source of propane. However, making these changes for the purpose of installing a gas water heater might be pricey if you don’t already have them.

Disadvantages of Electric Water Heaters

While the electric heaters offer a lot of advantages, they also have their downsides. Some of them include:

Power Interruptions

If you are using an electric heater for your water, a power outage is likely your archnemesis. For instance, storms or other unforeseen events may cause your electric grid to bug down. During times like this, you won’t be able to have any hot water from your electric water heater.

This is also the main advantage of gas water heaters, as they can operate despite power interruptions. However, if you are considering getting a gas heater instead because of this issue, just note that some gas water heaters also need electrical ignition.

Heating Time

If you want to have hot water ready for you in the shortest amount of time, an electric heater may not be the best heater option for you. This is because the process of water heating for electric water heaters take longer than gas heaters. Gasoline combustion, after all, heats up very quickly compared to electric-powered heating.

Operating Costs

While electric heaters may be the most inexpensive option in the market initially, its operating costs may be more than that of gas heaters. This is due to how natural gas has become among the inexpensive energy sources out there.

However, electricity and natural gas prices vary per region. Hence, you may want to inquire and compare the costs so that you are able to purchase the electric heater that best suits your needs and budget.

How To Take Care Of Your Water Heater

Whether you choose to buy an electric water heater or another type is purely based on your resources, needs, and preference. Nevertheless, whatever your heater choice is, you should know how to properly take care of it to prevent further loss from heater breakdowns. Hence, to help you out, here are some tips that you may want to remember: 

Place Your Heater In The Right Place

For your water heater to work properly, you should place it somewhere with sufficient extra space. Also, ensure that it is located somewhere accessible and away from any debris so that it won’t easily be damaged. This will also help you spot any leakage before they become worse.

Hire A Plumber To Do Regular Inspection

To make sure that your water heater runs perfectly fine, consider hiring electric water heater Perth experts to inspect your system once in a while! Of course, you may do this yourself, but having a pro work on your necessary repair and maintenance can better guarantee your safety. Moreover, if you notice any signs or issues with your heater, make sure to contact an expert right away.