Players can learn and cast spells in the world of Elden Ring. Spells in Elden Ring can be divided into two groupings: Sorceries and Incantations. Although players can use incantations that based on high faith scores and arcane scores, sorceries depend on entirely intelligence ratings. If players want to use sorceries in Elden Ring, you need to pump points into Intelligence well. And you also need to know how to select the best Sorceries in Elden Ring. In addition, apart from staffs, players can also try to use other good Elden Ring Weapons to build their best characters in Elden Ring.

Magma Shot

Players find that fire and fire effects are associated with incantations in Elden Ring. Compared to fire, Sorceries are often associated with magic damage and frost in the game. The Magma Shot is different from other sorceries instead. Some powerful sorceries demand high faith scores, while Magma Shot is suitable for players who are new to the game due to its low requirements.

Players need 19 intelligence and 10 faith to cast the Magma Shot in the game. This spell makes good fire damage and explodes on AOE damage burst. Players can use it to defeat a horde of weak enemies in one time. You can obtain this spell from the Volcano Manor and complete relevant quests there.

Carian Greatsword

Generally speaking, wizards and mages are suitable for ranged combat roles in the game. Although players can try to make magic builds in Elden Ring, they can learn some melee-style sorceries instead. One of the best melee-style sorceries is the Carian Greatsword cast. You can obtain it through purchasing from Miriel at the Church of Vows.

The Carian Greatsword can release a large magical sword from the staff, and players can use this sword to sweep out enemies in the wild. If players have both the FP and stamina, you can make this sorcery chained. Compared to the powerful melee weapons, this spell may not make great damage. It is also suitable for players who have allocated the point on intelligence.


Players can easily find that the Gravity sorceries are usually displayed by purple icons on the screen. Meteorite is known as one of the best gravity sorceries in the game, making players to defeat enemies from three high-damage meteors. Although Meteorite has powerful damage in battle, its long casting time makes it difficult to defeat more running enemies.

You need have 30 FP to cast this sorcery. You can not repeat casting this sorcery for several times. When you are going to use this sorcery, you need to figure out the type of enemies in advance. It is suitable for enemies that have large scales and high armor values. You can obtain this sorcery in the Royal Grave Evergaol after beating the Alabaster Lord there.

Briars of Sin

Although sorceries are based on intelligence, Briars of Sin may have the same requirements as incantation. This sorcery demands 24 faith to cast. Players who are gong to make full magic builds will have no problems on using this sorcery. While some players have to change their builds on intelligence and faith in order to use this sorcery.

Players can cast Briars of Sin, which is a great AOE spell that can defeat attacking enemies. This sorcery costs low FP and makes rapid AOE damage to enemies around character. Players can use it to escape proximity mobs. Players can obtain this sorcery in Lirunia after beating enemies in the northwest of the Artist’s Shack site of grace.

In order to control the best sorceries in Elden Ring, you need to Buy Elden Ring Items to select one of the best staffs for your characters in the game. This good staff equip with nice sorcery will have a good impact on the battles against enemies.